•  The total exports of goods in Q3 2017 increased by 12.0% Y-o-Y, of which manufacturing exports saw 3.6% growth.

•  SILP sales remained low at 243 rai (108 acres or 44 hectares), decreasing by 25.8% Y-o-Y. SILP sales for the first three quarters were 1,031 rai (408 acres or 167 hectares), increasing by 3.37% Y-o-Y.

•  RBF’s total supply fell by 3,500 sq. m. as some factories had been sold. The vacancy rate remained at 29.1%.

•  Both supply and demand grew for MLPs with an increase in supply of 266,000 sq. m. and net new take-up of 244,000 sq. m. The vacancy rate was relatively stable at 21.3%.