All Spanish economic indicators registered positive figures in 2015 and were a strong driving force for business. GDP and private consumption grew above 3%, the unemployment rate dropped to 22%  and consumer confidence hit all-time highs.

Thanks to the new economic backdrop and rising sales figures, many brands have resumed their expansion plans.

Spain is one of the European countries where e-commerce is growing the most.

The rising interest from retailers to open flagship stores is causing some streets to be completely revamped.

In 2015, shopping centres booked improved results, with sales for the centres in the CBRE Index growing by 5.5% on average, almost double the figure registered by retailers in general. The
spend-per-head also rose considerably from €10.50 to €11.70 per visitor.

Retail investment in 2015 hit record highs, both in the high-street and shopping centre sectors, with investors showing an appetite for all types of retail products throughout the year.

To remain competitive, shopping centres must continually move with the times and incorporate
new management strategies.