February 14, 2019

About the Cap Rate Survey


CBRE is pleased to present its semiannual North America Cap Rate Survey for H2 2018, which reveals cap rates and pricing trends for all major property types in major markets across the U.S. and Canada. At the heart of the survey are current cap rates for stabilized acquisitions, expected returns on cost for value-add acquisitions, cap rate trends since the previous survey and expectations of cap rate movements over the next six months. What were cap rates in your market?


Message in a Bottle

Like most people, I much prefer soda from a bottle than a can. Even though the product inside is identical, the look and feel of the bottle is much cooler and, as a kid, the bottle caps were like souvenirs. I have a jar of hundreds of them that I collected in my childhood stuffed somewhere in my basement. My bottle-cap collection got me thinking about our H2 2018 Cap Rate Survey.

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Spencer Levy

Spencer Levy
Chairman, Americas Research | Senior Economic Advisor

“If the product in the bottle changes, do cap rates accurately reflect changes taking place in the market today?”


U.S. Cap Rate Snapshot


Capitalization rates for U.S. commercial real estate assets were broadly unchanged in H2 2018. Industrial cap rates tightened marginally across all segments, while office, multifamily and hotel cap rates were generally stable.

CBRE expects cap-rate stability in the first half of 2019. The sentiment of CBRE professionals varied by property type, segment, class and market tier, with the multifamily and retail sectors experiencing the most mixed sentiment. Check out U.S. national-level cap rates and expected returns on cost.


U.S. Cap Rate Snapshot by Product




Analyze cap rates in your market by using CBRE's dynamic map tool for all classes and segments of stabilized assets.
Analyze cap rates in your market by using CBRE's dynamic map tool for all classes and segments of stabilized assets.

Cap Rate Snapshot by Market


One-page overviews of cap rates and expected returns on cost by property type, sector, class and/or segment for select U.S. Markets:

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