Recovery and Restructuring Services primary objective is the continued delivery of a World Class Receivership Service to our clients throughout the Florida Region.  The primary responsibility of our court appointed Receiver is to stabilize the asset.  This begins with a thorough assessment of the property, identifying its challenges and opportunities, and making clear recommendations on which immediate and initial steps are needed to prevent any further decline in value.
Once the asset has been stabilized, the secondary role of the Receiver is to serve in a stewardship role for the improvement and/or dissolution of the asset, while at all times helping to maintain the veil of protection the lender/debt holder is seeking through our service.

Our dedicated Recovery and Restructuring Services specialty allows access to CBRE's fully-integrated platform designed exclusively for distressed real state loans and assets. RRS provides a single point of entry and streamlined communication to navigate CBRE's combined advisory, analysis and solution services. Additionally, we have significant experience in the role of court-appointed Receiver, with access to local professionals intimately familiar with the legal process of receivership.