Billy Eagle and Erik Olson are leaders in the New Mexico multifamily brokerage market. They are members of the CBRE’s Multifamily Investment Properties, with nearly 30-years of combined commercial real estate experience. Their core markets are the three biggest cities in New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Erik is also licensed in Texas, which gives the team the ability to work in the central and western portions of that state as well. Over the past five years, they have consistently controlled at least a 65% market share in New Mexico, averaging  ±$275M annually.

Leading in market share provides an irreplaceable benefit to multifamily clients. The benefit is that CBRE knows who the buyers are, exactly what they are looking for, and the New Mexico team has proven the ability to position client assets in the market accordingly. They’ve used their leading market share, unique hands-on approach, and exceptional attention-to-detail to consistently close “on-price”, and “on-time” for clients.

In 2007, the team created the only comprehensive multifamily market research survey for Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Today and each year since, the survey reaches over 40,000 “market” and “affordable” multifamily units, 3-times a year, and has become the benchmark research for many city and state multifamily reports, daily publications, newspapers, and magazines.  It has also become a research report regularly quoted by local and national appraisers, lenders and even competitive brokerage firms.  Copies of the 3 latest reports can be received by clicking below.

CBRE, the largest commercial real estate firm in New Mexico, saw a strong surge in local interest in 2018. Experts in each of the major sectors sat down with Albuquerque Business First Publisher Candace Beeke and shared their expectations for 2019
CRE Outlook for 2019



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