CBRE Industrial Services represents the largest industrial services platform in the world—with real estate professionals in all significant markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

 In addition to its core competency, the group is highly organized and networked, positioned to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of all of its industrial professionals. It is this power—along with the might of the industry’s most complete global platform—that we bring our clients every day.

With a specific focus on industrial properties and a proven track record of success, Industrial Services is known for its creative, out-of-the-box thinking and project implementation programs. We strive to live in our clients’ world and speak their language. We read their trade publications, attend their industry events and analyze the dynamics of the industrial real estate market in the context of their  business. Our goal is to be much more than a broker. We want to be an advocate, advisor and resource.


Because manufacturing, warehouse and distribution portfolios are often multi-market and cross-border, communication and collaboration among our professionals are essential. Intent on delivering the best real estate solutions for our clients, we have internal reports, shared databases and regular conference calls and meetings where our professionals share best practices, discuss emerging trends and devise strategies. In addition, our global technology platform connects our people to their counterparts in all corners of the world.

This real-time network of expertise is augmented by comprehensive databases of proprietary and third-party market information and research. It all combines to empower our people—and our clients—with the information they need to anticipate market opportunities, seize the competitive advantage, achieve unprecedented speed to market and execute the best-possible real estate strategies.



Uniting the specialization and expertise of our Industrial Services professionals with the accountability and depth of resources of the world’s leading commercial real estate services firm, we offer a full range of integrated services:

Tenant/Purchaser Representation


  • Current-situation and business-plan analysis
  • Build-to-suit transaction services
  • Municipal, state and tax-incentive negotiations
  • Access to national market data for comparative studies
  • Lease-versus-buy analysis
  • Surplus space and/or utilization analysis
  • Facilities management
  • Supply Chain logistics efficiency studies
  • Construction management services
  • Land acquisitions/assemblage
  • Comprehensive property availability studies
  • Labor and freight cost-comparative studies

Owner Representation

  • Sale/lease of existing facilities
  • Sale/leaseback transactions
  • Construction management
  • Valuation studies
  • Property management services
  • Financial modeling
  • Speculative building design advice
  • Highest- and best-use studies
  • Property repositioning analysis


Related Industries & Specialties

CBRE offers the largest industrial services platform in the world, helping clients navigate a demanding and dynamic supply chain environment.

Related Services

Advisory & Transaction Services | Investor Leasing

Advisory & Transaction Services | Investor Leasing

The Advisory & Transaction Services team provides real estate investors with proven, bespoke marketing and leasing strategies that deliver exceptional outcomes aligned with clients’ investment objectives.

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In addition to our core services, we offer specialized expertise in various property and industry types, including logistics, life sciences, food facilities and special-purpose properties.

Global Supply Chain Practice

The logistics industry is currently undergoing dramatic global change at a rapid pace. Our Global Supply Chain Practice provides specialized real estate solutions that meet the changing logistics landscape. We pair our specialization in logistics with our corporate real estate expertise to provide the highest level of client satisfaction for our transportation and logistics clients, and for corporations with significant in-house satisfaction for our  transportation and logistics clients, and for corporations with significant in-house logistics operations. We ensure that as changes occur in your business, we effectively align your logistics portfolio with your overall strategy.

Port Logistics Group

CBRE’s Global Port Logistics Group is part of the world’s largest full-service industrial real estate platform, helping clients optimize their port-related business. The Port Logistics Group is a specialty service line within CBRE’s Global Supply Chain Practice. With professionals located in port markets throughout the country and around the world, we have the expertise and resources to implement network distribution and acquisition, sale/leaseback, build-to-suit, financing and project management services worldwide. Growing from industrial roots and sprouting out of the supply chain branch, our specialists are keenly attuned to our clients’ port-related needs. Our strategic approach is founded on a comprehensive knowledge of the trends, issues and challenges facing port-related business.

Life Sciences Group

Focused on the specific facility needs of the biotech, laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical-device industries, the Life Sciences Group uses its specialized knowledge and experience to enhance profitability through true value-added real estate services. Our team of dedicated life sciences professionals understands the impact of global regulatory policies, evolving patent laws and other market forces that impact real estate decisions. This knowledge enables us to meet your immediate needs, while enhancing the ability to ma nage future change and growth.

Food Facilities Group 

The Food Facilities Group is a unique network of sales professionals who provide expertise in the sales, leasing and development of cold-storage and food-processing properties. We lead the industry by maintaining an extensive online database of available and comparable food-grade facilities and users. By monitoring the flow of food companies across the United States, we are able to track sale, lease and market trends on a local, regional and national basis. With our extensive experience in food-industry real estate consulting, our professionals can also provide insight into labor, transportation, tax and incentive issues.

Special Properties Group

With expertise in the sale and procurement of major industrial facilities located outside of metropolitan areas, the Special Properties Group combines traditional real estate brokerage services with specialized expertise in local  community and state economic development. We understand that, to the surrounding community, these properties are not simply buildings but rather a source of livelihood and an integral part of the community. Comprised of seasoned industrial real estate professionals, the group provides expert advice on land use, tax issues, labor and freight costs, facility retrofitting and reuse, repositioning and marketing for these unique properties.