Our commitment is to providing the services our clients need while maintaining reliable, productive, consistent levels of service is a challenge in today's marketplace. Putting the customer first, we strive to exceed each of our client's needs. Leveraging our 40 years of combined experience in the Inland Empire we have streamlined our unique approach by:

  • Perceiving how each deal impacts the client's business, focusing on their bottom line
  • Determining each client's specific needs and expectations, and then acting on them by creating innovative strategies while systematically executing and implementing each step necessary to achieve the desired goal
  • Comprehending crucial information as it relates to the deal process while incorporating the data into the overall strategy developed for the client  
  • Interpreting real estate decisions in the context of our client's overall strategic objectives, not as isolated transactions
  • Assembling the various talents and information needed to consistently create value for our clients
  • Levering the extensive array of resources provided by CBRE, bringing only the "best and the brightest" to the deal process

We came together as team to pool our resources and talents, creating a synergistic environment for our clients, with a single-minded focus—meeting our clients varied needs with the best service possible.

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Related Industries & Specialties

CBRE is the global leader in Office Services, with the most comprehensive advisory and transaction services platform and more professionals specializing in the office sector than any other firm. 

Clients Represented

The ultimate sign of our success is the impressive array of companies we have represented. We have been pleased to assist the following clients with their commercial real estate needs:

  • Hines
  • State of California
  • Lord Baltimore Properties
  • Scanland Kemper Bard
  • Proficiency Capital Corporation
  • Chemical Bank
  • Traveler's Insurance Company
  • Cigna Investment Management, Inc.
  • Janez Group
  • New England Mutual Life Insurance
  • State Fund
  • I/O Software
  • Westwood Technologies
  • Vineyard Bank
  • CIP Real Estate
  • Retail Merchandising Service Automation
  • United California Casualty
  • Forest City Development

  • Glenborough Corporation
  • Layton Belling & Associates
  • Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • American Express Financial Advisors
  • Kilroy Realty 
  • Arden Realty
  • CT Realty
  • Kaiser Permanente

Significant Assignments

  • Riverside Commercial Investors
    350,000 SF
  • Lord Baltimore
    330,000 SF
  • The Magnon Companies
    281,000 SF
  • Kilroy Realty Corporation
    183,000 SF
  • Proficiency Capital Corporation
    145,000 SF
  • Janez Group
    145,000 SF
  • Scanland Kemper Bard
    97,000 SF
  • Chicago Title
    80,000 SF
  • State Compensation Fund
    70,000 SF
  • RCI
    59,000 SF
  • State Farm Insurance
    50,000 SF
  • Forest City Development
    44,000 SF



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