Jeremy S. Shyk assists local, national and international businesses with their commercial real estate needs. The team enables their clients to make the most informed real estate decisions possible by providing strategic consulting and transaction management services which focus on two main goals: to save the client time and to save them money.

The team's intimate market knowledge, systematic approach to the real estate decision making process, and the powerful market share CBRE, Inc. possesses has ensured their clients have made the most informed decisions possible time and time again.

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The CBRE Land Services mission is to accelerate our clients’ success through superior market knowledge, industry-leading technology and a global real estate perspective.
Serving law firm clients, large and small, seeking to make informed real estate decisions.
Dedicated Valuation, Advisory and Assessment Services for Medical Office and Healthcare Properties
Provides a comprehensive, global platform of services designed to address the unique and often complex real estate needs of nonprofit organizations.
CBRE is the global leader in Office Services, with the most comprehensive advisory and transaction services platform and more professionals specializing in the office sector than any other firm. 
We combine business understanding with real estate expertise to fully address the real estate needs of private sector colleges and universities.
Aligning real estate to strategy through portfolio consulting, development advisory, and brokerage for government and education clients nationwide.                 
Providing specialized services to technology and media companies, combining robust resources and integrated services to deliver solutions at high speed.

Related Services

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

We manage buildings, assets, suppliers and people to achieve our clients’ highest possible ROI. By delivering unmatched value through single-source accountability, streamlined operations and partnered purchasing, we reduce costs, enhance uptime and drive workplace experience for our clients.
Labor Analytics

Labor Analytics

We are a team of experienced advisory and real estate professionals – each with distinctive skill sets – collectively delivering unsurpassed results for our clients. With proficiency in the Americas and international labor markets, we identify advantages aligned with each client’s comprehensive location strategy.
Integrated Transaction Solutions

Integrated Transaction Solutions

Designing real estate solutions to reconcile the constantly changing demands of business with the inflexible, complex and expensive nature of real estate while helping to optimize space, talent, and cost.
Advisory & Transaction Services | Investor Leasing

Advisory & Transaction Services | Investor Leasing

The Advisory & Transaction Services team provides real estate investors with proven, bespoke marketing and leasing strategies that deliver exceptional outcomes aligned with clients’ investment objectives.
Location Analytics

Location Analytics

Applying Science to Optimize Location Performance

Applying data science to improve location decisions, utilizing analytics and forecasting models to bring deep performance insight.
Location Incentives

Location Incentives

We help clients make more informed site selection decisions and mitigate costs through securing economic incentives.
Project Management

Project Management

Project Management provides on-time, on-budget project management solutions through various staffing models, supply chain optimization and expertise by project and asset type—all customized to ensure success of your global real estate projects.

Significant Assignments


Client                                                          ​Location(s)                                                             ​City    ​                                       SF    ​                           Type

  • 3 Building Class 'A' Portfolio              Multiple Buildings​    ​                                               Central,PA                                      132,000                             Sale
  • PHEAA/AES​    ​                                  1001 N. Sixth Street    ​                                             Harrisburg                                     ​58,600    ​                          Sale
  • Allstate Investments​    ​                          4900 Ritter Road                                               ​Mechanicsburg    ​                            55,397                              ​Sale
  • Vision Group Ventures                        ​Multiple Buildings    ​                                               Central, PA    ​                                258,407    ​                        Lease
  • United Concordia Companies, Inc.​  ​  Multiple Buildings                                                    Harrisburg​    ​                                 135,000                            Lease
  • Anchor Investments​                           4600 Westport Drive​    ​                                         Mechanicsburg                          ​      66,723                              ​Lease
  • Stewart Associates​                            310 Fulling Mill Road​                                              Middletown​                                     55,000​                             Lease
  • Patriot News Company​    ​                2020 Technology Parkway    ​                                 Mechanicsburg    ​                             48,998    ​                         Lease
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance​    ​      1000 Nationwide Drive                                             Harrisburg​    ​                                   48,630                             ​Lease

  • 2 North Second Street | 7,810 SF

  • 301 Fulling Mill Road | 27,473 SF

  • 651 East Park Drive | 31,132 SF

  • 5050 Ritter Road | 8,356 SF

  • 750 East Park Drive | 18,277 SF

  • 1000 Nationwide Drive | 48,630 SF

  • 2552 Interstate Drive | 72,706 SF

  • 2601 Market Place | 16,304 SF

  • 4000 Crums Mill Road | 13,384 SF

  • 4050 Crums Mill Road | 16,853 SF

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