Roughly half the U.S. workforce today is made up of women, while only 21% of the C-Suite is.

It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to serve as your partner, confidant, and guide for all things commercial real estate related.

(2019 Women in the Workplace Report, and McKinsey & Co.)


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Our expertise and modern approach are born from real-life perspectives of women founders and business leaders who sought a fresh, client-inclusive, streamlined approach. We’re passionate about highlighting the creative and collaborative aspects of aligning your real estate needs with your business mission. Our guided experience is transformative and designed specifically for today’s forward-thinking companies. We provide a highly transparent process, reinvigorated for the modern-day business culture, packed with creative energy but without personal egos – and backed by CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm.

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You will be empowered to make the best real estate decisions for your business because we are:


We’ve seen and heard it all—from real estate brokers who pushed you to take more square footage than you needed, toured you through spaces that were out of your budget, or left some key expenses out of a financial analysis, the process can feel anything but transparent. We’re focused on making sure you understand all of the facts so that you can make an educated real estate decision.


We’re focused on listening to what you want and coming up with creative solutions to help you achieve your goals—together. We’re motivated on what is best for your company, not what fits the mold. We work toward your business goals—both short and long term—while recognizing we are here to provide guidance through a lens that benefits you.


Through our unique process, we dive deeper than surface-level questions about cost, location, and size so that we can gain a true understanding of how your physical location affects your business and help guide your real estate decisions to align with your business mission.

Top Level Involvement – Every Time

If you’ve ever been passed off once someone has won your business, you know the frustration of finding out that the “front of the house” salesperson is different than the “back of house” implementer. We will be actively involved every step of the way and be more than a face on an organizational chart. Our personal involvement is key to achieving the optimal outcomes for your company’s bottom line. 



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