Broadway Trade Center

Broadway Trade Center is the Shoreditch of the west, originally built in 1907. Ground floor, mezzanine and rooftop space is available for retail, restaurants and a hotel. This 1 million sq. ft. building is complete with bold sculptural decoration along sleek, modern lines.

A unique place where sidewalks are transformed into catwalks and where a workstation is the groundwork to revolutionize entire industries. With a grand opening a few years before the Roaring Twenties, this Beaux-Arts designed Los Angeles building once stood as the Hamburger Department Store, the most glamorous and iconic department store of its day. Now, the building is primed for a mixed-use space, which includes 500,000 sq. ft. for open, creative office space, 200,000 sq. ft. of luxury retailers and an unbeatable rooftop garden, pool and health club.

The activation of intellectual wattage and the revitalization of a historic Downtown LA landmark is what lies ahead for a building with a timeless, core identity.

Owner: Jamestown


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