Lease Administration

Staying on top of leases that typically run 50-70 pages long can be cumbersome, especially for occupiers with multiple locations across the U.S. or around the world. With over 20 years’ experience in managing clients’ proprietary information, CBRE’s more than 1,100 dedicated lease administration specialists know how to reduce complex documents down to the information you need most.

What You Get:

  • Maximum, centralized organization for all leases
  • Assurance that critical dates aren’t missed
  • Meeting all property condition requirements
  • Avoidance of extra charges
  • Getting what’s due from your landlords


We Understand Retail Clauses:

  • Go Dark Clauses
  • Radius Restrictions
  • Co-tenancy
  • Keep Open Provisions
  • Kick Out Clauses
  • Kiosk Lease Considerations
  • Continuous Operations Covenants
  • Exclusive Use Covenants
  • Operating Hours Provisions
  • Percent Rate Rent
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