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Top Tips for Data Maintenance

Top Tips for Data Maintenance

With the wide range of data sources available, knowing what data to use and how to provide it can have a significant impact on the quality of the real estate models and the timing of the solution delivery.


To better uphold consumer privacy in our analytic practices, CBRE | Forum Analytics has implemented a randomization technique to protect customer address data used in our tools while still allowing for accuracy in our modeling and analytics.

Triangulation Forecasting: The Art and Science of Obtaining the Most Reliable Real Estate Forecasts

The unique approach from Forum Analytics that provides necessary context for real estate forecasting

Regression Modeling & Machine Learning: Separating Fact from Hype

Machine Learning has been used in the real estate industry much longer than headlines and pitch decks suggest

Valuable Data Retailers Should Be Tracking

Retailers have been navigating the shifting economic landscape brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. The data collected during this unprecedented change in the economy can illustrate the effects of shutdown orders and assist retailers in developing a business continuity strategy for implementation.

ShopoGraphics as the Holy Grail of Real Estate

Presented in a quick 7 minutes during the Around the Industry segment on day two of the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, Paul Sill, founder of Forum Analytics, dove into the concept of what his firm calls ShopoGraphics, a deeper way of looking at the pros, cons, opportunities and challenges of retail sites.