The Right Use, at the Right Time

An accelerated shift to e-commerce shopping, increased flexibility in workplace environments and evolving consumer habits has forced many investors to look at their real estate assets through a new lens—and with an eye on new opportunity. When revitalizing and refurbishing aren’t achieving results, it’s time to reimagine: what is your asset’s optimal use?

CBRE’s Adaptive Reuse Solutions help achieve a property’s optimal use and value. Whether the goal is to release, retenant, recapitalize, reposition, remerchandise, reuse or redevelop your asset, CBRE’s strike team can help you validate, visualize and build on your vision.

The Right Use

CBRE’s proprietary process begins with a highest and best use study, considering all formats, product types and scenarios. Our consulting experts dig deep, without bias, and deliver a detailed feasibility study that uncovers opportunities to give your asset a competitive edge.

Experts Across all Product Types

CBRE has a deep knowledge of all product types and asset classes, with specialists across all areas: retail, hotels, data center, public institutions, multi-family, senior housing, education, student housing, supply chain, industrial, medical and healthcare. Our entire team of experts work together with a singular vision: to realize an asset’s full potential with speed and agility, no matter the intended use or mix of uses.

A Proven Model for Powerful Outcomes

The powerful combination of CBRE’s data and consumer insight, plus years of collective experience, allows for a holistic view of any project or program. We see all sides and every angle, and can deploy quickly to advise and execute on real estate strategies to help you improve asset value today and in the future.
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