By The Numbers

Published facts and figures surrounding e-commerce can be confusing and oftentimes contradictory, with many sources telling different stories. Here, we filter through the noise to present the most reliable figures and sources on the size, growth and impact of online retail sales and omnichannel shopping patterns.

What is E-commerce's Share of Retail Sales by Category?

Though widespread, e-commerce’s impact has varied greatly by retail and product category. Understanding these variations is key to predicting how the industry will evolve in both the short and medium terms, and determining how retailers, landlords and investors shape their growth strategies.
How High Will E-commerce Sales Go?

How High Will E-commerce Sales Go?

As e-commerce sales continue to grow, a question arises of whether e-commerce will eventually overtake or completely replace physical store sales.
What Is The Share of E-commerce In Overall Retail Sales?

What Is The Share of E-commerce In Overall Retail Sales?

Though most agree that e-commerce is driving rapid transformation in the retail sector, there is less consensus on what percentage of retail sales occur online.

What Is The Role of M-commerce In Retail Sales?

M-commerce is the share of online purchases that are made via mobile devices, which include tablets, smartphones and other portable technology like smartwatches. M-commerce is increasing at a rapid pace and is expected to account for a majority of online sales by 2021.

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