Despite their ubiquity, the terms e-commerce and omnichannel are shrouded in confusion. What counts as an online sale? Do retailers really need stores? Who is the omnichannel consumer?

Worse yet, much discussion of these topics is marked by misconceptions and missing data, making it difficult for industry players to adapt and plan for growth.

This guide enlists the latest data and research to lift the veil of omnichannel confusion. We have assembled the industry’s definitive source of omnichannel insights – from e-commerce, to store formats, to industrial & logistics — to outline how e-commerce is impacting the retail and real estate industries today and to forecast how it is likely to shape our sector in the future.

Omnichannel Retailing

From supply chain to marketing to store formats, how are retailers re-inventing their businesses to win the always-on shopper?

What is Omnichannel Retailing?

What Opportunities Does Omnichannel Offer Retailers?

What Are the Biggest Challenges Omnichannel Poses to Retailers?

What is the Last Mile?

What is an Omnichannel Supply Chain?

What is the Impact of Returns on Omnichannel Retailers?

Omnichannel's Impact on Real Estate

How do retailers, owners and investors leverage their brick-and-mortar to generate growth in an omnichannel context?

The Halo Effect

How are Retailers Adapting Stores to Omnichannel?

How are Malls Adapting to Omnichannel?

How are Omnichannel Retailers Using Popups?

What is the Impact of E-commerce on Industrial Real Estate?

Omnichannel Consumers

Who are the new omnichannel consumers and what do they want out of retail and real estate?

What is an Omnichannel Consumer?

How Does Online Spending Vary by Generation?

Do Consumers Really Prefer Shopping Online?

Omnichannel By The Numbers

The most reliable figures and sources on the size, growth and impact of online retail sales and omnichannel shopping patterns.

What is The Role of M-commerce in Retail Sales?

What is the Share of E-commerce in Overall Retail Sales?

How Does E-commerce Vary by Product Category?

How High Will E-commerce Sales Go?

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