The unique combination of multiple capital markets service lines specializing in the manufactured housing & RV sectors, coupled with the expansive CBRE presence and intimate understanding of local markets, brings unparalleled capabilities to the marketplace.
From individual and private clients, to portfolio and institutional assets, CBRE delivers highly specialized execution of brokerage, debt & structured finance, valuation and appraisal services assignments nationwide.




  • Specialized manufactured housing & RV resort knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Brokerage services, debt & structured finance, valuation and appraisal services
  • Full spectrum service of single asset and portfolios to both private and institutional clients 
  • Expansive understanding of national, regional and local markets

Our Services


Acquisitions & Dispositions


CBRE Manufactured Housing Group represents sellers of single assets or portfolios anywhere in the world to maximize seller's profit.  We also selectively represent buyers looking to acquire specific MH & RV communities throughout the United States.  We can also assist the owners in determining if their community has a land value that exceeds the existing cash flow value of their community.


Bank Reo/Special Servicer Assets

In today's economy, many financial institutions, investors and owners are faced with non- or under-performing MH/RV Communities, particularly in the wake of the ongoing credit crisis.  MHG satisfies these unique client needs with a fully-integrated platform that specifically addresses the valuation/broker opinion of value, management, workout, restructuring and recovery of distressed MH/RV loans and assets.


Valuation & Advisory

The Valuation & Advisory Services business line of CBRE is a nationwide organization of experienced professionals, providing appraisal and consulting services to a broad-based local and national clientele.


Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is an IRS recognized method of creating increased tax benefits for costs related to manufactured housing communities.  Property owners can treat specific components and their costs as personal property, thereby writing off their cost over five or seven years.  They can also write off any land improvements over 15-years.


Debt & Structured Financing

With deep, well-established relationships with the industry's premier international investors, including banks, pension funds, life insurance and credit companies, conduits/CMBS entities, government sponsored entities and offshore investors; we can offer unparalleled assistance with the placement of debt & equity finance for all major property types.


Financing & Tax Reporting

Valuations for tax reporting are also a common service provided to our clients who require fair market valuations for a variety of purposes including allocations of purchase price and estate tax planning.  The Financial & Tax Reporting Services practice provides the independence and integrity that are the cornerstones of preparing valuation support for a defendable tax position.

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