While you probably know who the players are for life science incubators in New York, that does not mean the space they offer is right for your unique needs. Choosing the right operator who can create synergies and can accommodate your program is crucial.

For that reason, it is important first to plan, by defining your organization’s needs. Some NYC incubators are simply better than others for your specific demands. Some offer more extensive equipment than others, and some more lab privacy or bench space. Others may not be as fully amenitized as you might prefer.

The CBRE Life Science team has deep relationships with the various incubator operators and can help select the right solution together with your team.

When occupying an incubator, it is important to realize that you are also partnering with the space provider. Even a relatively short-term arrangement, such as an incubator space, demands a solid understanding of the incubator’s model and your company’s own strategy.

Before you commit to an incubator space in New York City, do not be afraid to ask the pertinent questions: those that pertain not only to how many benches you need today, but where your organization will be two years down the road.