Outsourcing and 3PL Selection

Using an iterative, data-driven process we evaluate the number, location, size and role of facilities in your supply chain network and compare the difference in cost and service between the current baseline network and various proposed scenarios. Our collaborative approach ensures a balanced outcome aligned to your business needs.

  • Core functions to remain in-house
  • Functions to consider outsourcing to third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Detail business requirements
  • Short list of potential providers based on requirements
  • Decision criteria, weighting & scoring methodology
  • RFP document
  • Side-by-side response comparisons
  • Decision and contract negotiation

Key Questions We Answer

  • What are the functions that should remain in-house versus outsourcing?
  • What are my specific business requirements and service levels?
  • What do I spend each year doing these in-house?
  • Based on my current and future transaction volume, what will it cost to continue doing this in-house?
  • What is the estimated cost range of using a 3PL to do this service?
  • What are the less tangible / qualitative costs, both one-time setup and on-going?
  • What is the business case associated with moving to a 3PL model?


Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business
Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business