Operations Assessment

To identify improvement opportunities across people, process and technology, we evaluate your supply chain’s performance in warehouse operations, transportation, distribution, inventory and order management. The outcome enables you to maximize use of your current network and infrastructure.

  • Establish the baseline for current operations and benchmark to best-in-class operations
  • Identify and quantify areas of improvement covering:
    • Warehouse operations
    • Labor planning and practices
    • Operational practices
    • Product handling procedures
    • Material handling equipment (MHE)
    • Warehouse fitout and automation solutions

Key Questions We Answer

  • How can my warehouse operations change to improve my efficiency?
  • What operational process improvements should I adopt to increase my productivity and service delivery levels?
  • How can automation and MHE be adopted in my warehouse to increase my throughput?
  • What improvements in labor management can be identified?
  • At what point does automation make sense for my business, and what value would it deliver?


Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business
Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business