Network Design

Using an iterative, data-driven process we evaluate the number, location, size and role of facilities in your supply chain network and compare the difference in cost and service between the current baseline network and various proposed scenarios. Our collaborative approach ensures a balanced outcome aligned to your business needs.

  • Evaluate the size and role of the industrial facilities in your supply chain network.
  • Compare cost and service delivery elements across the baseline and identify network options.
  • Review network options and their impacts to deliver a tailored outcome that supports the critical business drivers.

Key Questions We Answer

  • Is my current network able to support my business based on our growth forecasts?
  • At what point does it make sense to add an additional warehouse to my network?
  • Is the current distribution network the most efficient for my business?
  • Are there benefits in moving from a central, single-facility model to a regional distribution model with multiple facilities?
  • Where should my facilities be located to reduce my costs and boost my service delivery levels?


Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business
Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business