Facility Concept Design

We develop facility design requirements that meet your needs in terms of operations, processes, product flow, productivity and cost management, incorporating technology solutions suitable for your business. Concept designs enable network assessments, and more detailed designs enable build-to-suit delivery.

  • Analysis of inventory and order profiles
  • Applied growth forecast
  • Concepts applied in terms of process, systems, automation and personnel options
  • Facility sizing by functional area, clear height, dock doors and head count
  • Block diagram layout
  • Description of operations
  • Benefit / investment summary and ROI model

Key Questions We Answer

  • How should my facility be laid out to support order processing cycle times?
  • What material handling concepts should we consider for our facility?
  • Should my facility be more manual or automated and what is the business case?
  • What job functions and how many resources are needed to run the building?


Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business
Powering the Real Estate that Powers Business