May 31, 2018

CBRE’s 2018 Global Data Center Trends Report provides a global perspective of trends impacting the data center industry today. In this report, we explore the following factors and their impacts across multiple regions: 

Hyperscale Providers
The evolution in technology, along with rapid growth in demand for data across the globe, is largely driven by the leading hyperscale cloud providers. To meet the demands across the industry, these firms are rapidly absorbing, expanding and delivering new space and infrastructure options.

Corporate Outsourcing and Procurement Strategies
The convergence of IT and real estate in the data center industry has increased demand for hybrid cloud strategies. The successful implementation of hybrid cloud architectures will lead to roll-out of new services, including network/connectivity offerings and private/public cloud options, and cost-optimization in an effort to attract new users and expansions by existing users.

Emerging Markets
The number of markets across the globe capturing expansion and new providers continues to grow. These markets are increasingly attractive in data center site selection due to inexpensive power, connectivity and ease of the entitlement process, availability of land and incentives provided by local/regional municipalities.

Pricing Factors and Direction
While rental rates have stabilized over the past few years, the world’s growing population places upward pressure on data demands for mobile use, cloud computing and data storage. This demand raises the question: Does the data center industry fully understand the costs of its data?

Regulatory Implications
Regulatory legislation can rapidly alter dynamics within the data center space. Current prevalent issues sweeping the globe include data privacy, cyber security and tax laws.
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Training for Another Industry First

Training for Another Industry First

At CBRE Data Center Solutions, people are the focus of our strategy. We heavily invest in technical and professional programs that advance individual skill sets and expertise. Through CNet Training, we are committing to certify 100% of our technicians—across every site where we manage data centers around the world—with the highly respected Certified Data Center Technician Professional (CDCTP®) designation.
Data Centers - A Progressing Asset Class

Data Centers - A Progressing Asset Class

Emerging as one of the top few alternative investment sectors in Asia Pacific, data centre demand is, undoubtedly, tethered to our reliance on the internet and organisations’ exigent need for data storage and management.