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City State Units Type Bid Date
Florida City FL 159 LIHTC TBD
Fort Wayne IN 168 Market / LIHTC 12/15/2020
Gas City IN 19 LIHTC 12/15/2020
Indianapolis IN 134 LIHTC TBD
Covington LA 84 LIHTC TBD
New Orleans LA 250 Market / LIHTC TBD
Slidell LA 84 LIHTC TBD
Slidell LA 250 Market / LIHTC TBD
Ionia MI 97 LIHTC 12/15/2020
Niles MI 119 LIHTC 12/15/2020
Cleveland TX 70 LIHTC 12/10/2020
Chesterfield VA 69 LIHTC TBD