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City State Units Type Initial Bid
Florence AZ 88 Market To Be Determined
Green Valley AZ 52 Market & ADOH To Be Determined
Tucson AZ 272 Market 7/1/2020
Huntington Beach CA 107 LIHTC 6/30/2020
Stockbridge GA 128 LIHTC To Be Determined
Yorkville IL 132 LIHTC 7/21/2020
Lake Charles LA 184 LIHTC 7/15/2020
King NC 40 Market To Be Determined
Hobbs NM 78 LIHTC To Be Determined
Lebanon PA 90 LIHTC 7/1/2020
Dallas TX 272 LIHTC 7/23/2020
Chelsea VT 36 HAP To Be Determined
Williamstown VT 23 HAP To Be Determined