Our listings are confidential, and as such we are unable to publish detailed information online. Should you be interested in one of the listings, please contact us using the link below and specify in which cities you are interested in:

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City State Units Type
Palmdale CA 91 HAP / LIHTC
San Francisco CA 236 LIHTC
Fort Lauderdale FL 150 LIHTC
Greenacres FL 210 Market / LIHTC
Jacksonville FL 110 LIHTC
Jacksonville FL 200 HAP / LIHTC
Lake Park FL 400 LIHTC
North Port FL 128 LIHTC
Quincy FL 100 HAP / LIHTC
Titusville FL 136 HAP / LIHTC
West Palm Beach FL 130 LIHTC
Davenport IA 132 LIHTC
Waterloo IA 52 LIHTC
Louisville KY 24 LIHTC
Louisville KY 29 LIHTC
Gladstone MO 260 LIHTC
Durham NC 92 LIHTC
Beaufort SC 160 LIHTC
Beaufort SC 56 LIHTC
Jackson TN 102 LIHTC
Dallas TX 55 LIHTC
Pacific WA 75 Market / LIHTC