Mixed-Presence Collaboration Key to Successful Hybrid Work

With the world becoming increasingly mobile, many companies are implementing a hybrid work strategy.

Controlling Telecommunication Costs

Although telecommunications costs account for a small percentage of expenses, data during 2015 through 2019 revealed a significant upward trend in telecom related expenditures. To achieve more efficient hotel operations and survive the changing landscape, hotel owners and operators are finding new ways to control telecommunications expenses.

The Nation Needs Fiber: Searches for Fiber-enabled Buildings Reveal a New Location Driver

As the world’s corporate real estate leaders seek to future-proof their portfolios, where and whether to open a physical location remains one of the key decisions.

COVID-19 Impact on Remote Networking Frequently Asked Questions

As businesses across sectors combat the spread of COVID-19, workforces that can operate remotely must rely on network technologies in entirely new ways.