Evolving Location Strategies in the Era of COVID-19: Strategic Cost Considerations for Corporate Employers

In addition to business and operational risk assessment, employers are focusing on cost containment, driven by falling revenues for many industries. As a result, many companies are rationalizing their portfolios and modifying their location strategies to maximize cost savings.

Global Location Strategies

Covid-19 has been a catalyst for companies with a global presence to begin reviewing their location strategies, or to move them to the top of the corporate agenda. In this report we discuss: Onshore versus Offshore, country level cost comparisons, and location strategies specific to IT.

Evolving Location Strategies in the Era of COVID-19: Business Continuity and Operational Risk

In this paper, CBRE Labor Analytics looks at key operational risk areas and how they may influence workforce and location considerations going forward.

Planning in a Time of Change

Change is sweeping the economy. Now is the time to take a second look at incentives assumptions, decisions and obligations to navigate through uncertainty. CBRE's Location Incentives group evaluates what market change means for economic incentives and is on hand to identify the upside and manage the risk.

Anticipating a Changing Landscape in the Workforce

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change lives across the globe, many wonder what effects the pandemic will have on industries, jobs and workforce over the near and long term. CBRE Labor Analytics will outline some of the key short- and long-term changes to U.S. labor markets as well as the strategies corporations can take in response to these changes.

Automation Location Strategy

As technological advances fundamentally alter long-standing manufacturing processes and practices, they’re also upending the way these companies consider locations for their facilities. Site selectors, and their manufacturing clients, are being pushed to consider new methods to asses a community’s potential viability for Advanced Manufacturing operations.