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Chili's Absolute Net Ground Lease - Brinker Guaranty - Large 2.8 Acre Parcel


  • Tenant exercised their first option early, showing a strong commitment to the site
  • Extra large outparcel – ±2.8 acre parcel
  • Lighted corner outparcel to strong performing Walmart
  • Asheboro is home to the NC Zoo, which hosts over 900,000 visitors a year
  • Tenant: Brinker North Carolina, Inc. with a Brinker International guaranty
  • Brinker International Inc. operates or franchises more than 1,600 restaurants in 29 countries
  • Brinker International Inc had $3.218 Billion in revenues in FY 2019
  • There has been no rent abatement or requests from Chili’s at this location during the pandemic
  • Stock price is at a 52 week high as of 12/4/2020

Sizes and Measurements

Total Space Available

5,872 sqft

Pricing Information




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