CBRE Hotels Research specializes in analyzing and reporting on both the historical and future performance of the lodging industry. Our team prepares a variety of forecast and benchmarking reports, as well as maintains extensive databases of hotel income statements and sale prices. These reports and data provide the foundation for strategic planning by all who have an interest in hotel property financial performance.

With a long-standing tradition of tracking and forecasting the lodging industry, our team has the technical capability to conduct custom research, the analytical skills to interpret the data, and the access necessary to gather confidential performance information from the industry.

Our dedicated research practice provides ongoing information and market insights to hundreds of clients, and thousands of active subscribers within our CBRE Hotels Property Information Portal platform. Our clients encompass a broad array of hotel owners, developers, public REITS, private equity firms, major hotel companies, municipalities, universities and public agencies.

Forecast and Benchmarking Reports

Hotel Horizons® Forecasts - A series of econometrically derived reports prepared on a quarterly basis that analyze the historical and expected performance of 65 major U.S. lodging markets, as well as our national summary report of the entire U.S. lodging industry. Hotel Horizons® reports contain ten years of forecast data and five years of historical market performance information. Our historical data is provided by Kalibri Labs. A variety of economic, demographic, and other benchmarking statistics appear in the reports to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of local market conditions. 

Financial Benchmarking Reports – analyze the aggregated financial performance of a group of hotels. The hotels are selected based on customized criteria set by you, the customer. The hotel operating performance data comes from the firm’s annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey of operating statements from thousands of hotels across the United States. Benchmarker℠ reports provide average revenue, expense, and profit information presented in Summary Operating Statement format, as well as six Departmental Sub-Schedules.  If desired, the performance of your hotel can be compared to the comparable properties.

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Research Services

As the firm's research affiliate, CBRE Hotels Research, engages in customized research and analysis to provide owners, managers, and investors with data and its interpretation crucial to making informed, profitable decisions. Our professionals are experienced with franchise and management contract valuation, litigation support, real estate price and rate of return analysis, and REIT valuation.

Custom Research
- With a longstanding tradition of surveying the lodging industry, our team has the technical capacity to conduct custom research, the analytical skills to interpret the data, and the access necessary to gather information from the industry. Research is performed using advanced statistical methods from the fields of econometrics and decision sciences.

Products from our Database
- Our team develops products which specifically target the information needs of owners and managers in the areas of hotel operations and real estate. By surveying the industry on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, our team is constantly adding to their proprietary database of industry measurements and makes this data available through a variety of analytical tool on our data platform.