Executive Leadership

Mike Lafitte Headshot
Mike Lafitte
Global CEO, Advisory Services
Jack Durburg Headshot
Jack Durburg
Global Chief Operating Officer

Other Leadership

Jennifer Ashley Headshot
Jennifer Ashley
Director, Human Resources, Global and Americas
Kevin Assef Headshot
Kevin Aussef
Capital Markets
Chief Operating Officer, Capital Markets
Anthony Buono Headshot
Anthony F. Buono
Lic. 01110355
Global and Americas President, Retail
Michael Caffey
Michael Caffey
President, Texas and Oklahoma Division and Latin America
Lindsey Caplan
Chief Financial Officer, Americas
Whitley Collins
Whitley Collins
Advisory & Transaction Services
Global President, Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier
Chris Connelly
Asset Services and Investor Leasing
Global President, Asset Services and Investor Leasing
Chandra Dhandapani 2018
Chandra Dhandapani
Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Global
John Ferguson
President, Southeast Division
Brandon Forde
Advisory & Transaction | Occupier
Executive Managing Director, Americas Advisory & Transaction| Occupier
Leslie Gall
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Americas
Sean Goff, Senior Managing Director
Sean Goff
Project Management
Executive Managing Director, Project Management, Americas
Lewis C. Horne
Lic. 00868409
President, Southern California, Arizona and Hawaii Division
John A. Latessa, Jr.
President, Midwest Division
Spencer Levy Headshot
Spencer Levy
Head of Research, Americas | Senior Economic Advisor
Chris Ludeman Headshot
Christopher Ludeman
Capital Markets
President, Capital Markets, Global
Jeff Majewski
Debt & Structured Finance
Chief Operating Officer, Debt & Structured Finance, Capital Markets
Brian McAuliffe
Capital Markets
President, Institutional Properties, Capital Markets
Thomas B. McDonnell, MAI, FRICS
Valuation & Advisory Services
President, Valuation & Advisory Services, Americas
Adam Mullen
Adam Mullen
Industrial & Logistics
Senior Managing Director, Industrial & Logistics, Americas
Laura O'Brien Headshot
Laura O'Brien
Executive Vice President, Sales Management & Special Projects
Ray Pittman
Ray Pittman
Chief Client Officer
Jim Reid Headshot
James A. Reid
President, Strategic Initiatives, Americas
Mark Renzoni_768x582
Mark Renzoni
President, Canada Division
Kyle M. Schoppmann
Executive Managing Director and Market Leader, Greater Washington D.C. / Baltimore Region
Edward J. Schreyer
Chief Operating Officer, Americas
Brian Stoffer Headshot
Brian Stoffers
Capital Markets
President, Debt & Structured Finance, Capital Markets, Global
Matt Van Buren 768x582
Matthew Van Buren
President, Northeast Division
Joseph D. Wallace
President, Mountain-Northwest Division
Nancy Westphal, Global General Counsel
Nancy Westphal
General Counsel, Americas and Global Workplace Solutions
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson
Global Workplace Solutions
Chief Executive Officer, Global Workplace Solutions, Americas