Read on to learn how Juan Rose uses skills picked up in the Marine Corps to help him find success at CBRE.
Your Military Background Can be an Asset to a Career in Commercial Real Estate
Juan E. Rose III works in Asset Services and is a member of CBRE Military, which is a group dedicated to recruiting, developing and retaining employees who self-identify as active, reserve or former U.S. military personnel and helping to set them up for success in our corporate environment. Membership has reached more than 345 employees in just a few years.
What is your role at CBRE?
I am an associate director serving the Greater Los Angeles region in Southern California, responsible for leading and providing strategic direction on an office and industrial portfolio of over seven million square feet. On behalf of numerous clients, I find myself leading and resourcing teams of professionals in property management and operations to exceed revenue targets and minimize operating expenses. It’s been four years of tremendous growth and learning at CBRE.
Describe your career serving as part of the U.S. Military.
I served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps for approximately 10 years and have been a reservist for over four years. My career serving has been an incredible experience filled with endless opportunities for growth and learning.
Currently, I am a Senior Watch Officer for the Marine Corps Installations West Emergency Operations Center. Working out of Camp Pendleton, California, our team coordinates the information flow during any emergency that may impact our facilities in the Western United States. There is a direct correlation between what we do in my Unit and what our CBRE teams do to ensure the safety of the patrons in the assets we manage for our clients.
We hear you also volunteer your time and leadership on the CBRE Emergency Response team. Can you tell us more about this?
Yes, it’s a great passion of mine. I volunteer because it’s important to me that our professionals understand their responsibility for the safety of the people that occupy our buildings. 

Most recently, I led a team of emergency response and restoration operations for the city of Los Angeles following the largest fire to hit downtown. In less than a year, we relocated displaced personnel, restored a 16-story building and mitigated further damage. Our entire team worked tirelessly to make that happen seven days a week and 24 hours a day for quite some time. We were recognized globally as the 2015 CBRE Asset Services Outstanding Team of the Year and three team members were recognized as CBRE Global Ambassadors. 
Can you tell us about CBRE Military and why it’s so important to you? 
CBRE Military is a group of selfless and committed professionals across the world that have served in the armed forces (or who have a strong emotional connection to the military, perhaps as spouses or siblings to someone who serves). As a member myself, I’m able to pick up the phone and call a fellow veteran for mentorship or advice – a priceless benefit.
CBRE Military, along with our other network groups, allow our company to connect diversity with business strategy to ensure the best possible client outcome over and over again.
If you’re able to pinpoint a moment (or several) that led to important professional changes for you, where/when was it and why was it so important?
At the U.S. Naval Academy, I learned the enormous responsibility and commitment it takes to be a service member in our armed forces. It represents precious freedom for my family and all Americans.
Serving in active oversees combat taught me selflessness, heartbreak, endurance and commitment. Not much can be said to accurately depict missing the birth of your children, all while facing the burden of losing Marines in combat at a very young age.
At University of California Los Angeles, I learned perspective. As a lifelong learner, I find education to be irreplaceable.
Lastly, here at CBRE, I have learned that we—as veterans—have the power to truly model behavior for our colleagues. We have the opportunity to empower others to take initiative, give more than we take and exercise an entrepreneurial and integrative mindset. All of us can work together to truly exceed the expectations of our clients.
How do you juggle military life and civilian life? 
Family is my top priority. My wife, also a Marine Corps Officer, is a true partner and serves as the foundation of our family. She understands the logistics involved in ensuring that we spend ample time together with our children. We don’t take our leadership opportunities lightly—in the private sector or in the military—yet being leaders of our family is the true cornerstone of success for us.  
Lastly, various leaders within CBRE, including CBRE Military, have been very helpful with my transition. I feel very fortunate to be a member of this organization.
What advice can you offer other employees and/or military personnel?
Awards and accolades will be forgotten, however, the positive difference you make in the lives of others will never be. There is no substitute for hard work and humility.