AANG started as a group of 4 sales professionals and has grown to include more than 900 employees in all business segments at CBRE throughout our U.S. locations.

AANG’s Vision Statement is to advance diversity and inclusion as a core value benefitting CBRE, our clients, and our communities with a particular focus on recruiting, retaining and developing our black professionals.

Our Mission is intentionally focused to deliver a platform and cultivate relationships where…

  • AANG operates as a vital contributor to the Company’s business and financial success through time
  • AANG supports talent readiness and development for CBRE’s black professionals at all levels
  • AANG contributes to CBRE’s earned reputation as the best place to work in the real estate industry for diverse professionals

Executive Committee

Mike Lafitte, Executive Sponsor Global CEO RE Investments
Tonya Brandon, AANG Chairperson Managing Director, GWS
Randal Dawson Executive Vice President, Valuation & Advisory Services
Tim Dismond Chief Responsibility Officer
Tashana-Lay Donaldson  Regional Director, Property Management
Wanda Goodloe General Counsel, NY Tri-State
Jason Green Managing Director, Portland, OR
Martin Lake Director, Dallas, TX
Jim Wilson CEO, GWS Americas


AANG Initiatives

As we are now at this pivotal time – AANG stands in solidarity with our leadership to deepen our dialogues on race relations, racial injustices; and importantly – on how we impact and influence outcomes for change. We will work with our executive committee, our members, and our chapters through necessary conversations for supporting the Black community and especially our employees beyond the recent tragic events.

At the outset of this year, AANG’s priorities initiatives included the below efforts. These will remain intact and deepen as we address and integrate activities now -

  • Supporting business partnerships (internal & external)

    Developing strategic partnerships internally and externally through member engagement, marketing and communication 
    • AANG messaging w/in internal communications and external publications; continuing to partner with Posse Foundation, NBMBAA, REAP, other relevant organizations.
    • Reconfirming champion/representative within key lines of business (LOBs); making connections with key client ERG representatives.
  • Bolstering AANG Programs for Talent Strategy & Member Engagement

    Connecting our diverse CBRE workforce via recruiting, onboarding, retention, and development 
    • AANG Scholarship Program (ASP)*
    • AANG Chapters
    • AANG Committees (GWS, Producers/Sales Professionals, etc.)


*What is the objective of the AANG Scholarship Program?

AANG established the AANG Scholarship Program (ASP), to address our strategic objectives to recruit, retain and develop highly qualified African American Advisory & Transaction Services and Capital Markets professionals to CBRE.

The primary goals of ASP include:

  • Recruit and develop African American Advisory & Transaction Services and Capital Markets professionals with high potential
  • Target hires who have passion for sales and excellent credentials
  • ASP is a 24-month a structured program inclusive of compensation, mentoring, training and resources. Examples include: attendance and participation in CBRE Foundations courses, CBREU events, the AANG national conference; and assignment of an AANG mentor