Five Global Themes Influencing the Future of Office

To keep up with rapidly changing office occupier sentiment, CBRE has conducted a series of occupier surveys throughout the pandemic. These surveys explore the evolving sentiment of office occupiers and highlight actions taken today to accommodate new ways of working.

Using Retail Spaces to Help Lure Workers Back to the Office

Retail can play a key role in enticing office workers back to the workplace with unique offerings and perks they cannot get at home.

The Next Normal

A complete guide to how hybrid work is impacting the workplace and transforming commercial real estate.

Start Me Up: What the Hospitality Industry Can Learn from Marriott's Recovery Strategies

After a year of historic challenges, what’s next for hotels? Marriott’s president Stephanie Linnartz and CBRE’s Robert Mandelbaum join Spencer Levy to discuss hospitality sector innovations, expectations for the future and more.

Modest Gains in July, Though Progress Threatened by Delta Surge

CBRE’s Pulse of U.S. Office Demand provides insight into when and where office market momentum is shifting, featuring indices to illuminate the current state and future prospects of the 12 largest U.S. office markets.

Sustainability Starts with Energy Management

With many companies working to cut costs and reduce their environmental footprints, the physical risk from climate change will continue to accelerate unless the world achieves net-zero emissions by 2050. As a result, no business can afford to hesitate on the path toward this mission-critical ESG goal.

Real Estate Needs to Charge Up to Lead the Electric Vehicle Revolution

With the global electric vehicle market projected to grow over 40 percent this decade, the installation of EV charging stations offers a significant opportunity for investors to benefit both the environment and the people who work in and visit their spaces.

The Top Markets for Tech Talent Are Evolving

This year’s Scoring Tech Talent report explores the leading tech talent markets, why they’re changing, and how it affects workforce and real estate decisions going forward.

Corporate Responsibility Report

CBRE’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report highlights our accomplishments as a commercial real estate industry leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.


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