The Top Markets for Tech Talent Are Evolving

This year’s Scoring Tech Talent report explores the leading tech talent markets, why they’re changing, and how it affects workforce and real estate decisions going forward.

Retailers Use Data to Co-Locate with Compatible Brands

As retailers continue to search for new strategies to attract consumers, unique data insights allow them to optimize opportunities.

Five Trends to Watch for Office Occupiers

Well over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, office occupiers remain focused in the near term on workplace health and safety while keeping an eye on potential long-term changes in office usage.

Lean on Me: The Role Flexible Workspaces Play in New Work Arrangements

Interest in flexible workspaces is on the rise—both to allow companies to better manage their real estate and accommodate employee preferences for more flexibility at work. Jamie Hodari, the CEO and co-founder of Industrious, and CBRE’s Christelle Bron join Spencer Levy to discuss what’s next for flexible workspaces and how workplace experience matters more than ever in an increasingly hybrid world.

Investor Activity Rebounds in Key Sectors as Vaccines Roll Out

As the recovery gains steam in 2021, investors have signaled greater willingness to put capital to work and move out on the risk spectrum. CBRE’s Investor Intentions Survey provides a look at how investors in each region plan to deploy capital in 2021, including the asset types and markets they expect to favor.

Smart Solutions to New Questions About HVAC

Healthy workplaces are attractive to both investors and occupiers. Explore how data, technology and locally targeted solutions for HVAC-related facilities challenges can help enable safe, clean air.

The Future of Multifamily Living

With economic recovery likely to drive multifamily investment and development, CBRE is looking at three important areas of innovation: adapting residential and alternative spaces, designing for the future, and renewing the focus on resident experience.

People Are On the Move

Who is moving, and where are they going? Explore the migration patterns from the past year and what they may portend for attracting and keeping top talent once the pandemic eases.

Corporate Responsibility Report

CBRE’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report highlights our accomplishments as a commercial real estate industry leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.


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