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The Leader’s Role in Fostering New Social Norms

Executive Managing Director, Karen Ellzey, on how leaders can facilitate the transition back to work and build a culture around safety, health-conscious, caring, and collaboration.
Discover Your Employees' Workplace Experience and Expectations

Discover Your Employees' Workplace Experience and Expectations

CBRE’s Workforce Sentiment Survey helps inform decisions you’re making around estimating & managing space needs, communications strategy, and the employee experience.
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Our Latest Economic Outlook with Sector Recovery Projections

Read our most recent forecasts for all property types as economic conditions and the state of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve.

Find Office Opportunities Across the Globe

Occupiers looking for space and investors with capital to deploy can see the initial impact of COVID-19 on CBD rental rates globally

Envisioning the Future of your Commute

A look ways to make today’s commute safer, and tomorrow’s more productive

Latest Research and Insights on COVID-19

We are committed to providing timely insights on the continued global implications of COVID-19 on the CRE Industry

The Down & Dirty of Office Cleaning Protocols

A resource by industry experts for landlords & tenants preparing buildings, offices & employees for reentry

Corporate Responsibility Report

CBRE’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how operating our business in an ethical manner – with a focus on sustainability, people and well-being, - has greatly benefited the company, while continuing our progress toward implementing important global initiatives.


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