Assessment & Consulting Services

CBRE Assessment & Consulting Services (ACS) offers a full range of construction, property condition, environmental assessment, zoning, and telecom services associated with commercial real estate acquisition, finance and surveillance. Using our nationwide network of over 250 full-time experienced professionals* and national quality control program, CBRE provides clients a high quality product delivered in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Whether dealing with a single asset or a multi-market, multi-property portfolio, CBRE consistently meets clients’ needs.

CBRE Assessment & Consulting Services provides the best client service in the industry. Our business philosophy is built on the premise that client satisfaction is our number one priority. We invest time and money into educating our staff and improving our technologies to better serve clients. No other assessment company works harder at this basic but most important business concept.

*CBRE acquired IVI International in 2014, increasing our in-house roster of professionals (including system specialists), and bringing over 40 years of knowledge to our group.