Energy & Sustainability

CBRE's Global Energy & Sustainability team (GES) delivers utility cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainable solutions by leveraging CBRE’s global scale and expertise.  Through our holistic approach to sustainability and energy management, we are actively engaged with clients around the world in developing and implementing energy & sustainability programs.

CBRE’s experience has shown that a foundation of proven processes, accurate data and efficient data management is crucial to identifying savings opportunities and improving the bottom line. Following the Project Pathway and focusing on five core components, CBRE provides a full range of services to consistently improve energy performance and the bottom line and provide world class service.


Sound Data Management: Through our proprietary technology portal, UtilityInsight, CBRE assists our clients in aggregating data from every facet of their energy & sustainability program efforts. UtilityInsight provides detailed dashboards of basic data such as utility cost, consumption and variances. Our portal then ties that data to other program information such as projects, emission calculations, audit results, program checklists and certification activities. This level of detail facilitates accurate and timely reporting to all of our clients’ stakeholders.

Energy Procurement Solutions: GES offers a suite of value-added supply-side services. GES helps our clients secure the most cost-effective rate from the utility, taking into account the client’s appetite for risk. GES also provides expert analysis to help clients evaluate opportunities for cost savings through fuel switching, onsite power generation, and curtailment.

Program Management: ASHRAE Level audits are used to gather detailed site information and identify projects and initiatives to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Infrastructure upgrades improve equipment efficiency and often include using energy savings to pay for new equipment on a guaranteed basis. Coupled with rebates and CBRE’s buying power, GES has been able to achieve very favorable returns on investment and net present value savings relating to the installation of this equipment.

Certification Services: GES has developed a proprietary process to evaluate and manage client properties through the growing variety of certification processes. The program was created to help our clients gain greater building efficiencies, while also giving them a competitive edge in property classification by navigating the rigorous governmental and regional environmental verification processes. The group is comprised of accredited professionals dedicated to creating comprehensive gap analyses, successful certification submissions, and brand value for the property. CBRE is responsible for completing ~10% of all LEED Certifications.

Sustainability Consulting: GES provides a variety of Sustainability Consulting services which allow our clients to develop and implement strategic plans, align internal departments and initiatives and participate in the relevant standards and reporting organizations for their industry.​