Energy & Sustainability

Well-Suited for Business

CBRE help​s our clients improve their green buildin​g performance in a way that boosts ROI and meets their strategic business objectives. Watch the video to see how opportunity and social responsibility intersect in the marketplace.​

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Well-Regarded in Real Estate

Newsweek​ has ranked CBRE Group, Inc. as the greenest real estate firm for the past three years based on environmental impact, disclosure efforts and property management leadership.​​


The LEED® EB Experts

> More than 150 LEED EB certifications (64 MSF)
> 99% success on all LEED EB points submitted
> 325 LEED EB projects registered globally
> 500+ completed assessments (150 MSF)
> Dedicated in-house team with O+M specialty

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The Energy Specialists

CBRE helps maximize the value of your energy costs, delivering an integrated range of energy management services that leverage innovative technology and the industry’s leading vendor/ partner network.

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The Thought Leaders

In collaboration with academics and industry partners, CBRE has led the largest green building study of its kind, demonstrating the importance of insight into real-world sustainability issues – as well as the value of green for getting ahead in the market.

2011 Green Building Study

Sustained Excellence

As a five-time ENERGY STAR “Partner of the Year,” CBRE is committed to working closely with our partners to reduce energy consumption in the buildings we manage and to move the industry forward through improved operating performance.

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Socially Responsible

CBRE has been selected from more than 100 outsourcing service providers around the world as the first-ever recipient of the Global Outsourcing Social Responsibility Impact Award. The award recognizes responsible business practices, including CBRE’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

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Corporate Policy

CBRE recognizes the responsibility that comes with our industry leadership position. CBRE’s Environmental Sustainability Policy is a reflection of this leadership role, giving structure and strength to our internal programs and sustainability practices.

Our Occupied Space

Best practices established through the course of becoming carbon neutral are common practice in CBRE-occupied buildings. As the industry leader in green, CBRE employees make energy and resource conservation a matter of habit in their personal space.

Carbon neutral

$100 Million in Savings

CBRE’s OHMEGA $100 Million Energy Challenge is driving greater energy savings into our clients’ accounts. With a focus on client service and creative ways to reduce costs, the challenge has so far identified $113 million in cost savings.​​

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​​The Business of Green

CBRE offers an integrated platform of energy and sustainability services that reduce energy costs, improve building performance and drive greater value into your brand. As the global leader in commercial real estate services, we understand both the social responsibility and the financial imperative of managing resources wisely, and that your greatest asset in business is green.

Get the inside view on how CBRE balances the environment with the business needs of our clients.



Need help mapping
a plan? CBRE can assist in developing a sustainability roadmap that adopts CORE strategies to achieve your corporate objectives. By conducting a comprehensive diagnostic, identifying opportunities and supporting implementation, CBRE Green Consulting helps guide the improvement process towards long-term organizational change with quantifiable outcomes.​

​​Energy Program Management 

Energy represents up to 40% of operating costs for office buildings – even higher for some industrial properties. CBRE has built a network of energy program professionals to help clients manage energy consumption. Utilizing best practices, these energy managers leverage CBRE-developed solutions to give clients a competitive advantage while driving peak energy performance.
Services include:
Data Management
Energy Audits & Assessments
Program Management
Energy Procurement


  • Create a consistently managed program that aligns with corporate objectives
  • Reduce utility costs by as much as 15%
  • Leverage CBRE’s buying power, extensive network, best practices and solutions

Energy Services

Through a holistic approach and integrated platform, CBRE delivers consistent service and peak energy performance across your portfolio. Click the pyramid below to learn more.

​​Certify Your Success 

Around the globe, green building certification programs are becoming the standard for validating the sustainability of new and existing real estate. Wherever clients are in the world, CBRE can help improve operating efficiencies and document cost savings to provide owners and occupiers of commercial property with a market-leading economic advantage.

Going Global

CBRE provides expert support in green building certification standards for BREEAM, NABERS, ISO 14001, LEED and others. To learn more about achieving certification in your region, click on the map below or consult CBRE’s:
Green Building Certification Guide

​​Doorway to LEED® 

CBRE offers the industry’s leading team of consultants to deliver proven USGBC® LEED strategies throughout the real estate lifecycle. From greening tenant build-outs to entire portfolios, CBRE provides an integrated platform of LEED certification solutions to help clients achieve their sustainability goals. Select a LEED rating system below for more information or view our LEED Projects Map to see all of CBRE’s U.S. LEED certified projects. 

LEED for Commercial Interiors
LEED for Core and Shell
LEED for Existing Buildings
LEED for New Construction


If you’re in the process of developing projects with green performance objectives, CBRE can assist in reviewing your standard bid and contract documents, providing revisions and additions, if necessary, and negotiating on your behalf.

CBRE services include:

  • Initial analysis of potential LEED credits for LEED CI based on the building location, base design and offered space
  • Negotiation of Work Letter provisions during proposal negotiation process 
  • Negotiation of applicable LEED credits required by building ownership during proposal and lease 
  • Review and final negotiation of lease document to ensure enhanced cost savings and compliance of negotiated terms 
  • Participation of project management and leasing representatives in the LEED charette



CBRE helps building owners assess their real estate goals and implement strategies that align with their business objectives. The key is to engage CBRE early, ensuring that sustainability is integrated into each phase of development.

CBRE provides: 

  • Communications on the value of occupying sustainable buildings
  • Innovative ways to strategically position and market your product within a target market
  • Access to the best advice and technical expertise vis-à-vis capital improvements, operations and maintenance
  • Additional resources and education channels available in the growing area of sustainability

Search by Market

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​​Green Building Valuation

CBRE is the leading provider of real estate appraisal services, with regional and branch appraisal offices located worldwide and in more than 60 U.S. metropolitan markets. CBRE employs over 400 appraisers in the U.S. alone, including a growing number of LEED Accredited Professionals. Our green building valuation team offers clients deep experience in identifying green building elements and determining how these impact a property’s value.
Property types include:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Multi-family
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Special purpose
  • All others

Contact: Robert Hensley for a complimentary review of your property type and potential services match.


Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. CBRE delivers dependable valuations with fast turnaround.
Services include:

  • Green building cost benefit analysis
  • Green building market and feasibility analysis
  • Operating expense consultation
  • Market rent estimates
  • Lease analyses
  • Valuation for mortgage lending
  • Arbitration and consultation
  • Capitalization rate consultation
  • Lease analysis