Aerospace and Defense

Serving the specialized security and location needs of the aerospace and defense sector

The CBRE Aerospace and Defense Contractor Practice Group is a unique service provider dedicated to serving the specialized security and location needs of this industry sector. Our experts are located in markets of major military/aerospace installations - areas of your company’s occupancy. With vast experience in this niche, the members of the Aerospace and Defense Group have become experts at understanding the intricacies of this industry and have developed an unparalleled capacity to understand and articulate client needs and requirements. We have also developed a keen sense for solving tough challenges and uncovering hidden opportunities.


  • Security
    - Adjacent Tenants
    - Proximity to Military & Government Installations
    - SCIF (DCID 6/9, NISPOM, etc)
    - Government Certification
  • SETA’s - “sub-tenants”
  • DoD Antiterrorism Standards
  • Operational vs. Capital Costs
  • Termination Rights (Contract Termination)
  • Membership in AFCEA, NDIA and other industry related associations