Healthcare Services Group

Leading the real estate industry in services to healthcare providers.

60 million sq. ft. of managed healthcare facilities

Lease management for 4,500 physician tenants

$1 billion in sales volume

$4 billion in healthcare construction project management

$450 million in loan originations

Healthcare institutions continue to face the growing challenge of how to provide the highest level of care under the constraint of ever shrinking funding sources. With healthcare spending approaching 20% of U.S. GDP, healthcare systems are looking to all facets of their business for opportunities to reduce costs, monetize assets, and improve the overall patient experience through the development, acquisition, and management of facilities.

CBRE brings industry-leading value to over 60 major healthcare clients and 4,500 physician practices in the following meaningful ways:

  • Increase operational expense management and create revenue-generation opportunities
  • Create capital opportunities required for other strategic healthcare initiatives
  • Optimize the patient experience/perception of care, and physician attraction/retention
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and risk management