Scoring Tech Talent

"Tech Talent" is the labor force that fuels innovation and drives productivity. This coveted labor force has been one of the most influential factors in the U.S. economic recovery. Select up to five of the top 25 Tech Talent markets from the drop down below to compare scores.

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Top tech talent markets were scored by analyzing 13 different metrics for tech talent, weighted by their relative importance to occupiers and the extent that they surface competitive advantages of markets.

Metrics related to tech talent concentration and size were given the highest weighting, as they are most indicative of clustering, one of the signs of a strong tech talent market.

Tech Talent Scorecard Rankings

Where is the Tech Talent?

Surging technological advancement has fueled demand for tech talent across all industries. The largest and most concentrated tech talent markets are leading the way, with the high-tech industry itself expanding their office space footprints the fastest to accommodate growing needs.

The size of the tech talent labor pool often drives location decisions and is measured and categorized by the number of professionals within each market.

Size of Tech Talent Labor Pool

Tech Talent Momentum Markets

Tech talent growth rates are the best indicator of labor pool momentum and it's easily quantifiable to identify the markets where demand for tech workers has surged. Such rapid growth can have an enormous impact on real estate fundamentals.

Tech Talent Growth Rate, 2010-2013

Full Tech Talent Report

Our full report, Scoring Tech Talent, analyzes 50 U.S. markets in relation to the growth of a highly-skilled labor force known as "tech talent." Understand how markets of interest stack up and what's trending in labor and real estate markets. Uncover detailed information on each market about demographics, education levels, venture capital funding, employment diversity and recent lease deals by top tech companies.