In land, every assignment is unique and requires creative solutions customized to the property, seller objectives, or the buyer requirement.  That is the challenge.  Our team recognizes that in order to effectively market land, we must not only understand the property ourselves, but we also need to professionally package the property in order to not only catch the attention of prospects, but to also highlight the property’s attributes and communicate the opportunities that the property offers.


Buyers are driven to buy a property because they have come to recognize that the opportunity presented to them is promising enough to act upon.  The Nixon-Riley Team believes that what sets us apart from our competition is that we collaborate with those we represent to both identify and reach prospects.  Along with standard and broad marketing steps, we customize our approach to target individual buyers and appropriate buyer categories. We are driven by ideas, we provide extensive information on properties and potential uses and we cooperate with the brokerage community.


Formed in 2000, the Nixon-Riley Land Team has thrived, and at times survived, in the land business by delivering on our promises.  Our custom marketing plan for each property is a process that we execute to completion.  Those who work with us know that their properties have been properly marketed and that their requirements have been thoroughly explored.
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Clients Represented

  • AKT Development
  • Brookfield Land
  • Buzz Oates Enterprises
  • CarMax
  • City of Roseville
  • Conservation Resources
  • Dry Creek Joint Elementary SDFDIC
  • JAS Developments
  • LDS Church
  • Newhall Land
  • Patterson Properties
  • Public Storage
  • Richland Communities
  • River West Investments
  • Rocklin Unified School District
  • Sac Metro Fire District
  • Sares•Regis
  • Signature Properties
  • St. Anton Partners
  • Stanford Ranch
  • Trust for Public Land
  • Westpark Associates

Major Property Sales

  • Peterson Sites Ranch, Acres: ±3,690
  • Moore Ranch, Acres: ±2,283
  • Aidlin Geysers, Acres: ±2,015 
  • Toad Hill Ranch, Acres: ±1,652 
  • Rumsey Canyon Ranch, Acres: ±1,494 
  • Wilson Ranch, Acres: ±1,393
  • Scully Ranch, Acres: ±1,314 
  • P&F Ranch, Acres: ±1,273 
  • Spears Ranch, Acres: ±961 
  • Sugarloaf Ranch, Acres: ±836 
  • Antonio Mountain Ranch, Acres: ±808 
  • Vorden Ranch, Acres: ±790 
  • Denverton Duck Club, Acres: ±762
  • Double Diamond Ranch, Acres: ±638
  • Dakota Ranch, Acres: ±125
  • Thornton Farm, Acres: ±553 
  • Setzer Ranch, Acres: ±474 
  • Samartin Lincoln, Acres: ±454 
  • Camp Gualala, Acres: ±440 
  • Burnett Ranch, Acres: ±430 
  • Woodland Ranch, Acres: ±305 
  • Grossi Organic Farms, Acres: ±250 
  • Elden Property, Acres: ±215
  • The Notch Bypase, Acres: ±176
  • Farnham Ranch, Acres: ±161
  • Conley Ranch, Acres: ±140
  • Once Over Farm, Acres: ±120
  • Taylor Yolo Ranch, Acres: ±126
  • Highway 65 Business Park, Acres: ±115
  • I-80 Mixed Use, Acres: ±105
  • Watson Ranch, Acres: ±96
  • Indian Creek Country Club, Acres: ±90
  • Hollister Residential, Acres: ±70
  • Sacramento Metro Fire 
  • Training Facility, Acres: ±53
  • Dry Creek JESD School Site, Acres: ±40
  • Gates Ranch, Acres: ±30
  • CarMax Facility, Acres: ±17
  • West Sacramento Riverfront, Acres: ±16