The CBRE Capital Markets – Debt and Structured Finance is truly a production team, providing expertise across all property types and capital structures while concurrently offering clients the benefits of specialization within each property sector. Our multi-disciplined team is comprised of seven highly experienced professionals with an unsurpassed track record of efficiently executing client transactions.

Our team expertly meets the various financing requirements of our clients, regardless of property type, complexity, frequency or geographical location. Whether a single asset or a multi-property portfolio assignment, we view each financing opportunity as a chance to serve as a trusted capital advisor focused on maximizing the value of our clients' real estate investments by not only achieving the best financing available in the marketplace, but also by presenting capital solutions customized specifically to meet our clients' short-and long-term strategic goals and objectives.

As a part of CBRE, the team also has access to the vast resources of the CBRE platform, including investment sales, marketing, research, property management and leasing. By leveraging our company's national platform and relationships with local expertise in every market, combined with our specialized focus, we are able to expose each asset to the maximum amount of capital sources while providing those sources the best market knowledge.

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Debt & Structured Finance

Debt & Structured Finance

CBRE Debt & Structured Finance offers clients assistance with placement of debt and equity for all major property types.
Loan Services

Loan Services

CBRE Loan Services offers expert primary servicing and loan administration for commercial mortgage portfolios, securitized pools and individual loans.

Advisory Role


  • Our advisory philosophy is rooted in our belief that the key to successful financing is an effective combination of a consultative market perspective and innovative financing strategies. We work to ensure each client's success by providing up-to-date industry knowledge, as well as unparalleled market insight on every transaction.
  • In each facet of a particular assignment, our objective is to put together a project team comprised of experienced professionals. This allows us to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute commentary, guidance and qualified advice on how the market is reacting to various events. Our goal of providing a team of professionals capable of advising a client on all transaction levels has become increasingly valuable in this recent cycle for several reasons:
    • Dramatic changes in the credit markets continue to impact, and have fundamentally changed, how successful debt and equity transactions are accomplished.
    • There has been a significant shift in not only underwriting criteria, but also the availability and selectivity of capital in the marketplace.
    • Results that were commonplace a year ago, in regard to debt and equity origination and placement, now requires extraordinary skill and experience.
    • The ability to execute on specialized assets that further segment the marketplace requires specialized skill and expertise to source capital.

Scope of Services


  • We work with over 200 capital sources located around the world including local, regional, and national banks, government agency lenders, insurance companies, conduit/securitized lenders, credit companies, and offshore investors. Each specific debt and/or equity request is provided to the capital sources that can best fulfill the short-and long-term investment needs of our clients. Our efforts include:
  • Comprehensive Review of Transaction and Objectives:
    • Assist the Client in pre-screening prospective acquisitions and providing a preliminary debt structure for guidance on making purchase bids.
    • Become a financing reference for our clients to sellers and selling brokers.
    • Participate on buyer interviews to address sellers' debt capitalization questions.
    • Prepare a detailed Financing Request ("FR") that describes the transaction in great detail, including specific investor structures.
    • Work with the Client to determine the desired terms for the FR.
    • Develop a detailed term sheet to include in the FR. This term sheet will detail the primary loan terms desired.
    • Determine capital sources to receive the FR. CBRE will include any sources the Client desires, including groups they currently have a financing relationship with, or have expressed interest in establishing such relationship
  • Implementation & Execution:
    • Distribute the FR (electronically and/or in hard copy).
    • Address questions from the FR recipients.
    • Collect and distribute due diligence materials to the financing candidates.
    • Create a competitive environment by developing a short list of candidates to help the client obtain the best terms.
    • Evaluate each financing proposal, present to the Client the quantitative and qualitative analysis of each.
    • Assist the Client in selecting the capital source from the short list of candidates.
    • Arrange and tour all potential capital sources and third party groups (appraisal, engineering, environmental, etc.) as part of the team.
    • Negotiate and assist in the closing of the loan.
    • CBRE, though our GEMSA Servicing affiliate, will seek to service the loans to assist with timely and efficient post-closing requests.

Lending Programs


CBRE Capital Markets works with over 200 capital sources located around the world including local, regional, and national banks, government agency lenders, insurance companies, conduit/securitized lenders, credit companies, and offshore investors. Each specific debt and/or equity request is provided to the capital sources that can best fulfill the short-and long-term investment needs of our clients.



CBRE Direct Lending Programs & Servicing


CBRE Capital Markets is the premier provider in multifamily financing. Our fully integrated platform provides seamless access to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA financing programs. Essential to any robust financial product offering is the ability to service the loans. Loan servicing is handled through GEMSA Loan Services, LP, a partnership formed in 2001 between CBRE Debt and Structured Finance and GE Real Estate. In 2007, CBRE Debt and Structured Finance originated 1,373 deals totaling $25 billion, with a servicing portfolio of $63B in 4,099 loans.


Significant Assignments


  • Alameda Towne Centre

    Retail: Alameda, CA

    ±595,352 SF

    Lender: Life Company

    Loan: Permanent $111,375,000

  • Flynn Gallagher Corporate Centre

    Office: Las Vegas, NV

    ±321,041 SF

    Lender: CMBS

    Loan: Permanent $57,750,000

  • Skysong

    Office: Scottsdale, AZ

    ±289,645 SF

    Lender: CMBS

    Loan: Permanent $46,250,000

  • Copper Creek Apartments

    Multifamily: Las Vegas, NV

    368 units

    Lender: CMBS

    Loan: Permanent $24,000,000 

  • Arizona Office/Retail Portfolio

    Office/Retail: Phoenix Metro Area

    ±50,000 - ±200,000 SF

    Lender: Pension Fund

    Loan: Equity $100,000,000

  • Pavillions

    Retail: Scottsdale, AZ

    ±1,060,950 SF

    Lender: CMBS

    Loan: Permanent $57,000,000

  • Kierland Office Building

    Office: Scottsdale, AZ

    ±258,312 SF

    Lender: Bank

    Loan: Floating $43,450,000

  • ANC District

    Retail: Henderson, NV

    ±212,593 SF

    Lender: CMBS

    Loan: Permanent $70,000,000

  • Petsmart World Headquarters

    Office: Phoenix, AZ

    ±365,672 SF

    Lender: Life Company

    Loan: Permanent $51,250,000
  • DHL

    Office: Scottsdale, AZ

    ±215,126 SF

    Lender: CMBS

    Loan: Permanent $32,000,000