We are a team of eighteen real estate professionals—each with unique and valuable experiences and skill sets—that collectively deliver unsurpassed results for our clients. Each teammate has authentic regard and respect for one another. We are people who care—about each other, our families and our communities—and that's reflected in our passion and unwavering commitment to serve our clients. We strive daily to exceed their expectations while meeting their most challenging needs.
Our five partners share executive oversight and have worked together for 15-20 years. Our tenured embedded team closely collaborates to identify and utilize best practices, enable quality control and create continuity and scalability across projects and client relationships. 
Our strength comes from the experience of each member and each member is strengthened by the experiences of the team.
We are passionate. We are hardworking. We are loyal. We are trustworthy. We are family.

Client Case Study

Discover how we are building advantage for SPACES

We help clients achieve quantifiable savings and solutions across their real estate portfolios, allowing them to focus on their core business. How can we help you turn real estate into real advantage?
We deliver world-class real estate outcomes

What We Do

We are a single source for delivering world class real estate outcomes. 
We deliver portfolio-wide advisory and transaction services exclusively to corporate occupiers locally, regionally and globally. 
We unlock the potential of the spaces our clients fill. 
We transform a client’s real estate into a driver of value. 
We help clients achieve quantifiable savings and solutions across their real estate portfolios, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Our team, through a single point of contact, is empowered to deliver these services to your business, providing accountability and on-demand access to industry-leading platform resources and local market expertise.

Powerful Results

Value Add

18 million sq. ft. transacted
Value Add Delivered For Our Clients In The Last Three Years

Deals Completed Since 2011

1,169 total deals in 1,080 U.S. markets and 89 international markets
$2.4 Billion


771 Primary Markets and 309 Secondary Markets

Integrated Services

Our team recognizes that real estate decisions are not just about the bricks and mortar. Throughout our extensive tenure, we have integrated CBRE's market-leading service lines to help advise our clients more holistically on the best outcome for their enterprise. These service lines have been the most impactful to our clients.

Project Management for Occupiers

Project Management

Project Management provides on-time, on-budget project management solutions through various staffing models, supply chain optimization and expertise by project and asset type—all customized to ensure success of your global real estate projects.

Labor Analytics

CBRE Labor Analytics provides specialized consultancy services to corporate tenants, combining human capital and brick-and-mortar solutions to maximize cost savings, financial success and desired change for our clients.

Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier

Delivering unmatched strategy, innovation and execution to drive advantage for all occupiers


Unlocking the potential of place to inspire individual creativity and drive organizational performance.
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Integrated Transaction Solutions

Designing real estate solutions to reconcile the constantly changing demands of business with the inflexible, complex and expensive nature of real estate while helping to optimize space, talent, and cost.

Relationships That Last

Our unique delivery method allows our team to drive quantifiable results and achieve world-class real estate outcomes.


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