Retail Innovation Watch: The Power of Placemaking

Placemaking doesn’t just result from an intelligent, strategic tenant mix—placemakers must adopt a layered, holistic approach to create a competitive destination. It’s not just about brands, it’s about creating an authentic environment design with experience in mind. Successful placemaking occurs when the place, the brand, and the story intersect with the offerings and uses.

In this report, CBRE + Streetsense thought leaders share their insights into placemaking.

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CBRE + Streetsense Present Innovation Watch

This series highlights key trends across the consumer and retail sectors, current examples of industry innovation, and forward-looking predictions for what’s next.

Grocery Delivery

As global online grocery sales could reach as high as $334 billion by 2022, grocers are evolving delivery services and experimenting with innovative technologies to meet demand.

Grocery Concepts

The grocery industry is witnessing an emergence of new and revolutionary store formats across the globe as habits on where, when, and how consumers buy food evolve.

High-Tech Grocery

CBRE + Streetsense thought leaders highlight the key trends, current examples of industry innovation, and forward-looking predictions for what’s next for the $5.6 trillion global grocery industry.

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