CBRE offers the industry’s only fully-integrated operations program, providing our clients with turnkey solutions that maximize reliability and uptime, increase financial visibility and reporting, and significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs.

Our integrated operations solution includes:

  • Implementing a bespoke operational and risk management program consistently across all sites within your portfolio, using the tools and resources we have gleaned from managing the world’s largest data center portfolio
  •  Deploying the world’s only converged approach to IT, facilities, energy and sustainability, and projects, which provides data center professionals with 2x the industry recommended training
  • Our comprehensive world-class technology platform, inclusive of smart data center technologies, vendor and supply chain, work order, financial, and risk management applications
  • Access to the industry’s largest pool of supply chain partners and immediate cost savings through CBRE’s economy of scale
  • Solutions to scale at speed, including the deepest pool of data center and IT engineers, technicians, and administrative professionals

Integrated Risk Management Program

Chart 1

Research has consistently demonstrated that up to 90% of preventable failures relate to human error or process failure. In response, CBRE developed our proprietary Critical Environment Risk Management (CERM™) program to deliver our clients a standardized and bespoke suite of tools, procedures, and technology applications identified as having the highest impact on reducing risk and increasing uptime. Based on having the right culture and behaviors, our methodology uses the latest behavioral science to address preventable risks, resulting in an 80% decrease of human factor related risks.


CERM™ covers the three main areas of data center operations: IT, Critical Environment (CE), and Energy Services. Each service offering includes unique runbooks, tools, and best practices. There are 70 operational and risk mitigating processes, across the three service lines, based on CERM’s™ core principals of human factor-based risk management.

Turnkey Integrated Data Center Operations

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CBRE’s integrated data center operations program, DC360, provides the full suite of design, operations, maintenance, and strategy services for data center end users. This full-circle approach is designed to provide an optimum solution across a data center’s life cycle, and integrates multiple disciplines across facilities, IT, projects, energy, and sustainability. Because DC360 is modular, it provides flexibility to choose the optimal mix of offerings for any data center project.

Managed through a single team, DC360 aims to:

  • Reduce our clients’ total cost of ownership by nearly 20%, while decreasing human factor based risk by up to 80%
  • Maximize uptime in our clients’ data centers
  • Improve efficiency and service delivery by engaging a single vendor
  • Promote CBRE’s deep focus on human factor-based culture, industry best practices and training, and risk management

Unique to the market, CBRE offers extensive IT services, from portfolio strategy and migration services, to capacity planning and OEM hardware replacement projects, to remote monitoring, smart hands, and cabling services. CBRE provides services for the entire IT stack, from server to site to portfolio.

Benefits of our converged IT and operations services include:

  • Turnkey Operational Services: End-to-end operational services to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Administrative Ease: One vendor, one contract, one invoice for IT infrastructure services
  • Cost Savings: One efficient team to provide the services that typically take two teams
  • Operational Alignment: Increased communications and strategic alignment across sites and portfolio
  • Decreased Risk, Increased Transparent: Increased visibility into all operations. No barriers between IT and FM staff.
  • Staff Retainment: Defined career paths, upward mobility, and data center specific training opportunities.