May 23, 2016
The data center sector has changed dramatically over the last decade or so as rapidly increasing data
traffic is driving the demand for fast, inexpensive, reliable data storage. Not long ago the focus of the
sector was primarily on costly, highly redundant, custom-designed private enterprise data centers. Today,
the focus is primarily on the cloud, where speed to market, energy efficiency, and rapidly deployable
incremental growth are the key drivers. In order to address these drivers, the modular data center, with its
promise of factory- manufactured products that can easily scalable and quickly and reliably installed, was

A 2015 MarketsandMarkets report shows considerable expansion in store for the global modular data
center market over the next few years. Researchers have predicted that the modular data center sector will
increase at a 31.9 percent compound annual growth rate through 2019. This will cause the industry to
expand to $26.02 billion over the next five years, a significant uptick from 2014’s $6.52 billion.
This growth has caused a lot of interest among data center owners and operators who need fast
deployment, low-risk scalability, and energy efficiency. This growth has also caused a lot of confusions, as
many companies that manufacture and install modular data centers present different approaches and
designs, at different cost-points and fabrication schedules.

The intent of this White Paper is to present an overview of the modular data center sector today and
provide information to help those who are considering a modular
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