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City State Initial Bid Date
Huntsville AL 11/6/2018
West Memphis AR 10/30/2018
West Memphis AR 11/15/2018
Paramount CA To Be Determined
Compton CA To Be Determined
Lynwood CA To Be Determined
Gardena CA To Be Determined
Vacaville CA 11/14/2018
Orlando FL To Be Determined
Lauderhill FL 11/15/2018
Lafayette LA 12/4/2018
Lafayette LA 12/4/2018
Saginaw MI 10/15/2018
Grandview MO To Be Determined
St. Louis MO 11/8/2018
Camden NJ 11/20/2018
Hobbs NM To Be Determined
Albuquerque NM 11/15/2018
Fairborn OH 11/13/2018
Eugene OR To Be Determined
Chesapeake VA 11/29/2018
Seattle WA To Be Determined