Kathleen D. Thompson

Eastern Division Business Administrator & Director

Professional Experience

Kathleen Thompson has been an integral part of CBRE’s Eastern Division operations since she joined the firm in July 1998.  She initially worked with Jim Reid in Eastern Division Investment Properties as he transitioned to the leadership role of the firm’s EMEA Investment Properties group.  When Jim Reid returned from Europe as President of the Eastern Division in 2002, Kathleen again joined him assisting in running the daily business operations of the Eastern Division, a role she holds currently.

Kathleen co-chairs the operating committee of the CBRE Foundation, the company’s philanthropic entity. Kathleen maximizes her 20 plus years of professional philanthropic experience, and working together with the CBRE Cares team they develop and promote the tools and processes by which CBRE employees and their families contribute their time and resources to charity.

Kathleen began working in 2004 on CBRE’s Birthday Cakes for Homeless Children Program and she currently manages the program on behalf of the CBRE Foundation.  In this capacity, Kathleen helps CBRE offices nationwide to establish and evolve the program in local markets, and works with shelters that desire participation in the program.  During Kathleen’s involvement in the Birthday Cakes for Homeless Children Program, the program has added over 65 new shelters.

Kathleen worked as Project Administrator with Cab Grayson during his tenure as Vice President of CBRE’s Eastern Division Investment Properties. Prior to joining CBRE Kathleen was a Marketing Specialist at Prime Commercial Real Estate in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Kathleen is also a certified massage therapist.

  • Nominee, Companies That Care Bonnie Dayan Memorial Award, 2010
  • Recognize for “Efforts Above and Beyond” By CBRE, 2007
  • CBRE Washington Baltimore Area Rookie of the Year, 1998