Madison MegaSite



Prompted by Nissan’s selection of a 1,400-acre site south of Canton for a 4.2 million square foot automotive assembly facility in November 2000, construction of the Beatties Bluff Wastewater Treatment Facility (Beatties Bluff WWTF) began in September 2001.  Today, Beatties Bluff WWTF is a state of the art 8-million gallon-per-day oxidation treatment facility governed by the Madison County Wastewater Authority, and operated by Canton Municipal Utilities (CMU).  With more than 4-million gallons-per-day in remaining capacity, Beatties Bluff WWTF offers immediate sanitary sewer availability to the Madison MegaSite by way of an existing 24-inch sewer force main line that traverses the property’s northeast corner as illustrated.

Water and gas service is additionally provided by CMU.  A 12-inch water main lies along the entirety of the MegaSite’s Highway 22 frontage, while an 8-inch water main exists along the property’s Virlilia Road frontage.  These water mains are connected to two elevated storage tanks (750,000 gallon and 400,000 gallon) east and west of the property, respectively, ensuring optimal pressure in and around the immediate service area.  Existing natural gas infrastructure (4-inch mains) parallels the above described water infrastructure.

Electrical service is provided by Entergy Mississippi, Inc. via an existing 230 KV transmission line located near the property. 

Panther Creek Easements Utilitie Map

Madison MegaSite maintains nearly three miles (2.7 +/-) of frontage along state Highway 22.  Highway 22 is a designated principal state highway that runs east-west approximately 43 +/- miles, and connects Interstate 20 (Edwards, MS) with Interstate 55 (Canton, MS).  Moreover, Highway 22 provides direct connectivity of Madison MegaSite to Interstate 55, with its easternmost line being less than 4,000 feet from Interchange 119.  As a designated state route, Highway 22 is maintained by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT).  Subsequent improvements to Highway 22, included plans for an ultimate 5-lane cross section.

In addition to Highway 22, the Property maintains approximately 2,500 feet of frontage along Virlilia Road.  Virlilia Road is a Madison County maintained road that provides alternative access to the MegaSite property along its north line.  Having access from multiple roadways provides an additional “development” benefit that can promote overall site circulation and also aid in transitioning varied land use across the property.

In addition to the direct accessibility afforded to Madison MegaSite from Highway 22 and Virlilia Road, Nissan Drive (Extension), which intersects Highway 22 near the MegaSite’s geographic center provides another point of direct property accessibility from Interstate 55.  Moreover, Nissan Drive’s intersection with Highway 22, and its subsequent likely extension into Madison MegaSite at some point, brings with it the possibility of a significant future urbanized intersection, creating yet another favorable development dynamic for the property.

Finally, recently completed Calhoun Parkway connects the MegaSite at Highway 22 to the Gluckstadt Road growth corridor.


 Entergy Qualified mega site


MCEDA utilities map



  • Provided by Entergy Mississippi, Inc. (EMI)
  • ill be served by 230 KV transmission line and south Canton substaion, located approximately two (2) miles east of Panther Creek Commerce Center

MCEDA Electrical Map



  • Provided by Canton Municipal Utilities (CMU)
  • consists of 1.5MGD treatment plant with the average usage being 1MGD, allowing for 500,000 gallons per day capacity for the site
  • Water lines are 4", 8", 12", and extend along Highway 22
  • Current operating Pressure is 50psi on the 12" main that extends from the site to the water plant

MCEDA Water Map



  • Provided by Canton Municipal Utilities (CMU)
  • Consists of 8MGD wastewater treatment plant lcoated approximately nine (9) miles west of the site
  • Service accessible from 24" force main which runs along the North and East property line

MCEDA Sewer Map



  • Provided by Canton Municipal Utilities (CMU)
  • Natural gas available with 4" lines that exend along Highway 22
  • Operating pressure is 25 - 30psi