Diana  Cardona

Director, Location Analytics & Mapping US Research

Professional Experience

As Director of Location Analytics & Mapping, Diana Cardona manages both the Consumer Behavior Analytics group and oversees development of internal analytic and software products available through Location Analytics and Mapping.  Her 20+ years’ experience and knowledge in the Information Management field is integral in serving our sales professionals and market leaders.  Diana is also an essential member to the Retail Services management team and is a member of both the Retail Advisory Council (RAC) and Retail Development Group (RDG).

The Consumer Behavior Analytics group works directly with CBRE sales professionals and their clients to create a process in making real estate decisions. This consulting service has the ability to identify customers, recognize retail gaps in markets of varying sizes and supply landlord location analysis. CBA delivers the science of analytics and empowers sales professionals and their clients to focus on their strategic business goals. A wide range of services are available including: sales forecasting, market optimization and market ranking, regression analysis, logistics and other modeling capabilities. 

The Location Analytics and Mapping team are responsible for development of our internal GIS mapping and reporting products. LAM developers create and maintain proprietary online GIS mapping and demographic data applications. CBRE mapping and analytic tools and services are available to CBRE employees and clients.

Diana’s experience includes utilization of marketing databases, industry leading consumer segmentation systems and software applications for site analysis as well as primary research, staff management, statistical reporting, training & communication and sales. Her 25+ years’ experience and knowledge in the Information Management field is integral in serving our clients, sales professionals and market leaders.