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February 18, 2014
Thanks to Google Business Photos, you can now look inside our office from your computer or mobile device.

November 20, 2013
Two years. Countless ideas. One compelling story.
Watch the unveiling of the office at the grand opening event on Thursday November 7.
November 19, 2013
The typical employee spends over half their waking hours in the office. We know that work is demanding and that the physical and emotional tolls of the experience are real for many. We believe that an office environment can either increase or reduce these stresses. As the world’s largest provider of office space, we asked ourselves a fundamental question: can we create an office that improves our employees’ well-being, making them healthier and happier through the space we provide?
To answer this question, we partnered with Delos Living, pioneers in improving health and wellness in the built environment.  Read the case study to learn more.
November 11, 2013
CBRE management and employees of the downtown office share their unique perspectives on the process of moving to the creative office and the new way of working.
November 8, 2013

Inspiring Space: CBRE's Journey to a New Way of Working
From concept to concrete, this office was about transformation. It wasn’t just a change in our physical space, but in our entire attitude toward the notion of work. Two years after the idea was hatched, CBRE is celebrating a new office that sets the industry standard for innovation, technology, creativity and wellness. This is how we did it.
October, 30, 2013

LA Times writes about CBRE's Downtown LA office, with no assigned desks or offices - employees roaming freely. The office is viewed as an example for other white-collar firms.
October 30, 2013

Workplace Strategy Helps Unlock Full Potential
Beth Moore explains the role of the Workplace Strategy Group in the office planning process and how they continue to consult for future creative offices.
October 29, 2013

Andy Ratner leads through a behind-the-scenes tour of the new creative-style office headquarters.
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CBRE announced earlier this year that it will be moving its Global Corporate Headquarters and 200 regional employees into the top two floors at 400 South Hope Street in Downtown Los Angeles in September. The new CBRE office will be one of the company’s first “Workplace360” offices in the United States. Workplace360 is CBRE’s Alternate Workplace Strategy initiative, which maximizes employee collaboration and productivity through technology, space utilization, sustainability, mobility and enhanced flexibility, and health/wellness. Workplace 360 offices are designed to support the way CBRE employees work today and in the future, and to reflect the strategic advice that CBRE is increasingly providing to its occupier clients.


“In the process of designing our new space, we extensively researched different strategies that would allow us to work more collaboratively and efficiently in serving our clients. The result will be one of the most forward-thinking offices in the country, and will reflect the strategic advice that we are providing to our occupier clients who are increasingly exploring new ways to work better, smarter and more productively in an increasingly mobile, highly connected world. This is not simply about driving efficiencies – it’s about building a more collaborative, mobile and healthy environment. In short, it’s about building a better company.” 
Lewis C. Horne, Executive Managing Director for the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County Region
Leveraging CBRE’s fully integrated, global service platform, the Downtown Los Angeles office has professionals in the market who are ready to meet every aspect of our clients’ commercial real estate needs: asset services, brokerage services, corporate services, valuation & appraisal, mortgage & financial services, property, development services, facilities and project management, mortgage banking, and research and strategic consulting services.