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 Real Estate Trends

25 Jul 16

MarketFlash July 25

researchIn this MarketFlash CBRE Research explores the live, work, play factors luring millennials to Big D, which is already home to the highest nominal population of millennials in our region.

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18 Jul 16

MarketFlash July 18

researchOffice sublease space in Houston has rocketed to nearly 11 million sq. ft., pushing availability to 20/20: a 20-year high of nearly 20% of the market. While DFW, Tulsa and OKC have also seen increases in sublease availability, the market-wide impact of the energy sector’s woes has been marginal in these office sectors.

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12 Jul 16

MarketFlash July 12

researchWithout department store anchors, Texas malls are turning to a non-traditional tenancy as a lifeboat, following a similar national trend.

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27 Jun 16

MarketFlash June 27

researchU.S. office construction costs are on the rise but especially in Texas where the largest increases were seen in the past 5 years. Dig into the CBRE Research U.S. Office Viewpoint, “Why are construction costs rising?” and what it means for the markets in our Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas region.

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20 Jun 16

MarketFlash June 20

researchThe retail industry is changing quickly as technology becomes integrated into the consumer experience through self-checkouts or smart phone apps. In Part 2 of our series, High Skill, Low Supply, CBRE Research “checks out” the labor trends surrounding automation in retail.

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14 Jun 16

MarketFlash June 14

researchThe future of higher education is becoming more diverse. In Part One of our series, High Skill, Low Supply we examine the ever-changing labor force and its impact on future commercial real estate demands.

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23 May 16

MarketFlash May 23

researchMission-driven co-working environments are setting themselves apart in the region’s office markets—‘curated tenant make-up’ is designed to foster collaboration between former coffee shop entrepreneurs. CBRE Research defines the stages of our region’s co-working markets: Established, Emerging, and Growth Potential.

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16 May 16

MarketFlash May 16

researchPopulation growth has incited an all-out grocery war in Texas and Oklahoma, where hungry consumers are gobbling up new supermarket product. In fact, grocery-anchored centers are becoming the most prolific development type in the region’s pipeline.

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12 May 16

Special Report: This Ain't the 80s and Houston isn't Going Anywhere

researchExpectedly, a dramatic downturn in oil, one that has run even faster and deeper than during 2008-2009, raised alarm about the stability of the Houston economy. Nonetheless, with oil prices dipping below $30 a barrel reminding us of the bearish Houston economy of the mid-to-late '80s, today's market conditions are vastly different.

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09 May 16

MarketFlash May 9

researchDespite the recent shock in energy prices, which overshadows other positive market fundamentals, the Port of Houston managed to tow in strong growth numbers during 2015, moving up to 5th place in CBRE’s 2016 North America Seaport & Logistics index this year.

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