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 Real Estate Trends

19 Sep 16

MarketFlash September 19

researchEnergy industry downsizing and a demographically changing workforce could mean an experience shortage once oil prices and supply and demand approach equilibrium. What's shaping the next oil & gas hiring cycle?

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12 Sep 16

MarketFlash September 12

researchWhile we’ve already sent the kids back to school, only 13% of U.S. families have finished their back-to-school shopping lists. Early back-to-school sales figures indicate revenues are up 2% over last year and are expected to reach $27.3 billion this year.

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29 Aug 16

MarketFlash August 29

researchCBRE Research analyzed the vacancy trends for three office building age ranges in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. Since the start of the latest expansion cycle, vacancy has dropped among most age categories in each market analyzed, most notably within newer office buildings.

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22 Aug 16

MarketFlash August 22

researchOn the world stage our Texas-Oklahoma-Arkanses Region has shown it has the economic chops to perform on a global scale. CBRE Research takes a look at how the region would stack up when compared to some the world’s larger economies.

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15 Aug 16

MarketFlash August 15

researchCompetition is heating up for restaurant space across Texas. At the forefront of this land rush are fast casual restaurants — quick paced eateries where customers order from a central kiosk or counter and seat themselves.

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08 Aug 16

MarketFlash August 8

researchBillions of dollars are being invested into the Texas region’s quickly expanding trade of alternative fuels, concentrating on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in and out of the state. These investments will have positive overall implications for commercial real estate markets while directly and indirectly impacting the regional economy.

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25 Jul 16

MarketFlash July 25

researchIn this MarketFlash CBRE Research explores the live, work, play factors luring millennials to Big D, which is already home to the highest nominal population of millennials in our region.

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18 Jul 16

MarketFlash July 18

researchOffice sublease space in Houston has rocketed to nearly 11 million sq. ft., pushing availability to 20/20: a 20-year high of nearly 20% of the market. While DFW, Tulsa and OKC have also seen increases in sublease availability, the market-wide impact of the energy sector’s woes has been marginal in these office sectors.

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12 Jul 16

MarketFlash July 12

researchWithout department store anchors, Texas malls are turning to a non-traditional tenancy as a lifeboat, following a similar national trend.

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27 Jun 16

MarketFlash June 27

researchU.S. office construction costs are on the rise but especially in Texas where the largest increases were seen in the past 5 years. Dig into the CBRE Research U.S. Office Viewpoint, “Why are construction costs rising?” and what it means for the markets in our Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas region.

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